The weather's finally getting warmer, so it's time to get outside and barbecue. For many grillers, pellet grills are the best choice for many reasons. They burn wood pellets instead of charcoal, which is better for the environment. Pellet grills also are very versatile and can be used for baking and roasting meat as well.

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1. Memphis Elite

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The Memphis Elite is the top of the line in pellet smokers. It's a behemoth at 850 square inches, enough to grill 40 burgers. The grill has a digital touchpad to control the temperature on the smoker so there's never a risk of burning the meat. The Memphis elite is truly elite, especially in price.
They can cost up to $4,000, so only the most serious grillers can enjoy this luxury smoker.

2. Traeger Texas Elite 34

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The Traeger Texas smoker is the trailblazer of pellet smokers, with many pellet smokers having the Traeger brand. The well-known brand has upgraded their porcelain grill with a dual-probe thermometer. That lets you check on the temps of two different meats at once, so all the meat can be perfectly smoked.
This smoker is $1,000, so it's still a serious investment.

3. Louisiana Grill LG 900

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This grill comes with a 600 square inch surface for ultimate grilling fun. It includes a digital thermometer and a meat probe to properly measure the meat on the grill. The Louisiana also has a flame broiler that's perfect for open flame grilling, too.
They cost about $1,000, so they're part of the elite family of pellet grills and smokers.

4. Rec Tec Grab the Bull by the Horns Smoker

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The Rec Tec smoker is the most artistic grill. The eye-catching red hood and bull horn handles are aesthetically pleasing to see. More than the look, the grill has 680 square inches to cook many pounds of meat.
It's around $900, so save up if you want this smoker.

5. Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill

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The Camp Chef has everything a person needs to grill. The grill has an LED screen to read the meat temperature and a more accurate thermometer probe.
Thesse grills are around $900 with a sear box included.

6. Green Mountain Davy Crockett Grill

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This Green Mountain grill is a top portable grill for smoking meat. The portable grill is Wi-Fi enabled, so it's easy to control through your phone on iOS or Android. The grill is also great as a portable pellet smoker.
This particular grill is very affordable at around $400.

7. Z Grill

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Z Grill is a massive grill, but a small responsibility. You can set it and forget it with Smart Smoke technology that sets the temperature for you while you're grilling your meat.
Z Grills are in the middle range of pellet smokers at around $600.

8. Pit Boss

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The Pit Boss pellet grill has 700 square inches and an extra rack of grilling space for barbecue enthusiasts. The flame broiler will give grillers extra meat to enjoy on an open flame.
Pit Boss grills are around $550.

9. Smoke Hollow

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The Smoke Hollow grills are nice mid-sized pellet grills that can barbecue a lot of burgers, turkey,and ribs. There is also a very convenient temperature control on the grill too.
These grills are mid-priced at about $400.

10. Traeger Portable Grill

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Traeger portable grills are perfect for grilling on the go. The portable grills have the same excellent precise grilling of regular pellet grills, but in a bite-sized package.
These grills are about $300.

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