Washing your hair is basically a part of life, like paying your taxes or going on terribly awkward first dates. But the notion of how often you have to wash your hair has drastically changed in the last few years.

The norm of cleanliness used to be washing your hair every day, or at the very least, every other day. But there are actually some surprising benefits to washing your hair less frequently.

Not Everyone's Hair Is the Same

First of all, your unique hair type determines how often you should be washing. You might have to wait a few days between washes because of your natural curls or you might be terrified of skipping your daily shower because of thin, straight locks.

Ultimately, you have to find a happy medium that works for you and you alone!

1. Your Hair Will Hydrate Itself

Our scalps naturally produce sebum, an oil found on human skin and hair. That might not sound like a good thing; oil = bad when it comes to hair, right? Wrong!

Sebum will naturally hydrate your hair, as long as you're not constantly washing it away. Allowing a couple days between hair washes (if you can swing it) will let your sebum naturally do its thing.

2. Your Hair Will Be Shinier

Another cool result of letting sebum build is how it can affect your hair's shine. Are dull locks getting you down? You don't need an expensive hair mask to increase gloss when you can simply limit hair washing and encourage your natural shine!

3. More "Good Hair Days"

When I experimented with washing less, I couldn't help but notice my own waves and curls were so much more defined after having a day or two off from washing.

Washing and styling my hair only a couple times a week meant I went from using the blow dryer every day to three times a week. My hair was much less brittle once I stepped away from my favorite tool a little bit. It also responded really well to the dryer when I did use it.

4. Less Product Buildup

Product buildup is exactly what it sounds like — excessive use of products building up on your scalp. The most obvious cause is from washing/styling your hair every day, or almost as often.

And guess what? Product buildup can cause the dandruff and oiliness that people assume is caused by not washing your hair.

So stepping away from constant product use is the detox your hair desperately needs!

Pro Tip: If you have product buildup and can't skip a wash, invest in a purifying shampoo to use at least once a week. Products like this cleanse the scalp and get rid of excess product for you.

5. Hair Color Lasts Longer

As anyone who colors their hair will know, the more you wash your hair, the quicker your color fades. So, you guessed it, less hair washing means your bold hair color will last longer!

It all makes so much sense, doesn't it?

6. Split Ends Are a Thing of the Past

You'll notice your hair is healthier overall when you cut back on washes, including your ends. My ends became noticeably healthier and I was able to go from visiting my stylist once a month for a trim to once every four months.

Which brings us to the fact that...

7. You'll Save Money

Think about this: if washing your hair less often prevents frequent haircuts, dye jobs, blowouts, and saves product, what are you doing? Saving money.

I'm a woman on a budget, so any chance I get to save a few bucks is welcome. Hey, if that chance also comes with healthy, happy, fabulous looking hair, I'm into it.

8. You Can Discover Fun "Dirty Hair" Styles

When you're not locked into styling your hair "down" every day, you'll be forced to look into cool hairstyles you can pull off with day-old or two-day-old hair.

A word of advice: some dry shampoo plus a well-placed braid go a long way, and you can shake up your normal look.

9. Dandruff is Reduced Dramatically

The combination of hot water and over-washing your hair can cause the scalp to become dry, which can cause dandruff. Giving your scalp a break from time to time allows it to breathe and create sooth sebum.

10. You're Gradually Creating Less Greasy Hair

It sounds counterproductive, but washing less can actually train your hair to be naturally less greasy over time.

Over-washing the hair can cause the scalp to become drier and therefore produce more oil to compensate. You know what that means: greasier hair. By washing less, your scalp learns to produce less oil, and your hair reaches a healthier level of oiliness as a result.

11. You'll Save Tons of Time

One of the best parts of not washing your hair as often? The time you'll save!

It takes the average woman about a half hour to wash, style, and dry their hair. With less weekly washes, that time can now be spent reading the news over a mug of coffee or sleeping in, rather than rushing to get to the door.

Consider stepping away from your daily shampoo every once and a while! Trust us, your hair will thank you.

Photo credit: Pexels