3 Type of Restaurants Perfect for a First Date

3 Type of Restaurants Perfect for a First Date

First dates are noted to the most stressful time of your life. After declaring “We met on this free dating site”, chances are that your first date will no longer be for free! So you better plan ahead. There is no bigger pressure but on how to make a good impression on the other future potential partner. So there is no better time to nitpick on where to eat but in this period.

The first date is the perfect time to impress. A research shows that most men prefer the restaurants to coffee shops. This would that most probably men would really like to impress his date on the first attempt. The initial date may make you or break you since you may no longer be able to have that second date.

When you can pick the best restaurant, then you are well on your way to hurdling the most important issue. Selecting the type of restaurant can be hard as there are lots of restaurants that you can select from. The secret is knowing your date. Get some data on what are her/his preferences with regards to food. It will be very helpful to know if your date food allergies

To help you get through this nerve-wracking event, ask help from expecting daters. They can best relay to you their experiences and get some tips. Read online and look at the review of the restaurant from actual diners. You may also explore the food niches that are common among restaurants today. This is most practical if you want to avoid a headache.

Then, there’s location to attend to. Make sure that the place is near to where the two of you live. It will be for naught if you date gets lost in the traffic. Learn about the price too. It may not be worth it if is priced for too much but the date turns out to be bad. Better live with something you really would want.

Here are our 3 top picks:

1. Fine dining restaurant

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The first date is usually held at this venue. Having your date in a fine, well – lighted place will take your mind off on thinking about the cleanliness of the place and more on what questions to ask on your first date. The fancy-schmancy restaurant is not bad at all for an overall first impression. There is that perfect lighting, the music is amazing and the ambiance is whiffing with romance. Just be ready to shell out some cash but if this means that you can get the second date, then it is all worth it.

2. Café

Two People at a Cafe
If your date has that easy go – lucky vibe, you might make her happy if you bring her to a café. There is no table service to anticipate from as you can already see the food in the counter as it is.

As there are millions of coffee lovers nowadays, you will be satisfied with the coffee menu choices and even pastries! An added bonus for the ladies is that most cafés are laid out simply (some even have outdoor seating) and when you want to end the date, it is very easy to go out and be away.

However, should you choose to stay, this venue will be a perfect place to talk about everything under the sun as there is no fear when you might let out a few gasps or even screams.

3. Restaurant bars

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These establishments offer a variety of experience for you and your date. You can have that option of dining while drinking, there are two types of restaurant bars where it is service only – customers are not served directly but the staff will order the drinks, Full-service bars will serve you drinks as well as carry a full menu for your dining.

It will be nice to move to the bar after that sumptuous dining to ramp up the discussions. Why hold – out when you can have the best of both worlds. Not everyone would want to drink but you can suggest a sip of fine wine to loosen up the conversation.