It’s Friday night, you want to go out on a date, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Heck, maybe you don’t want to spend any money at all. So what to do?
There are tons of great date things you can do without spending all of your cash. And here are four of my favorites:

Take a Walk

What? We want to go on a date, not do a low-intensity workout. But wait! Before you write this off as not date like, let’s consider. Walks are a great way to spend time with someone. Walking and talking is super enjoyable, especially in the beginning of a relationship when there is so much to talk about. Not much of a talker? This is where the walk comes into play. Can’t think of what to say? Simply look around for inspiration. You can talk about the beauty of nature around you, the sights, the weather, or even stop and double up your date activity.

Hit Up a Happy Hour

Image Credit:Unsplash

Maybe you happen upon a happening happy hour. Too many h’s? Haha. Happy hour is great for a date! It’s early enough to grab a drink and a bite. And what’s better? Happy hour prices are awesome, sometimes even half as much as the normal menu cost. This makes for a fun, and timely date. I love happy hour because you can enjoy the time “out,” but still be back and in bed before 10. My kinda night. But for you night owls, there are lots of happy hours for you, too! Bars like to offer late night happy hours. Whether it’s to feed the masses after a night of drinking or to catch the 2nd shift crowd, bars know how to pull you in all while giving you a great deal.

Plan a "Bachelor" Picnic

This is one of my absolute favorite dates, hands down. What I mean by a bachelor picnic is to emulate the show, The Bachelor by bringing some fancy eats and wine for a picnic you will love! This date is great because you can do it anywhere. Whether you are at the beach, a park, on your porch, or literally sitting at a picnic table, this date is lots of fun. Bring some sliced cheese, deli meats, fruit like grapes or berries, bread or crackers, and of course, wine or champagne. This is just as fun as happy hour to me and I love the being outside part of it, too.

Try a Groupon Experience

This site though! Groupon has the best activities. Every day you'll find new deals on drink tastings, activities, getaways, and more! The site is great for a date night. Pick from any of the activities and you're guaranteed a fun and enjoyable date night. Seriously, if you have never searched Groupon for an adventurous date night, you must!

These date night ideas are fun enough to make your night grand, without having to spend a grand. Happy dating!

Image Credit: Unsplash