5 Beauty Products You Need This Summer

5 Beauty Products You Need This Summer

One of the best parts of every season is updating your wardrobe and beauty products for the new time of year. Nothing screams fall like the words "sweater season" and one of our favorite wintertime treats is investing in a super-hydrating facial oil to keep flaky skin at bay.

Little changes to your routine aren’t just new and exciting, sometimes they’re necessary.

Take summertime, for example — the sun is beating down on us ten times harder than the other seasons, humidity is way up, and the heat is (literally) on. Your regular makeup, skincare, and haircare routine might not cut it in this extreme kind of weather!

Rather than take a chance, try out these five beauty products created specifically to help your summer-self thrive.

1. Daily Moisturizer: Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer

Just to be clear, SPF should be worn YEAR-ROUND, not just when summer comes a-knockin’. Just because the weather is cooler in fall or the days are cloudier during the winter doesn’t mean you can’t be affected by ultraviolet rays.

Okay…stepping off our soap box now.

If you’re going to do the absolute bare minimum when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun’s rays, get you a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it so you don’t need a separate product.

Our suggestion:

Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30, $13

This lightweight sun-protector combats damaging UVA and UVB rays and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. This product is also packed with soy so it will lighten dark spots and is only $13 at your local drugstore.

2. Nighttime Moisturizer: Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Night Cream

Using the right moisturizer during a summer day is obviously important – but choosing the right night cream for the season is also important.

Think about it, you need to keep your skin extra hydrated 24/7 in the summer and it’s best to use nighttime products to help your skin recover from its daily exposure to the sun.

Our suggestion:

Ceptaphil Rich Hydrating Night Cream, $15

This skin hydrator has powerful moisturizers, including coveted hyaluronic acid, which is known to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water. But, don’t worry, it will never feel heavy or greasy on your skin.

3. Skin Wash: Garnier SkinActive Micellar Foaming Face Wash

Winter is a great time for creamy facial cleansers…but summer, surprisingly, is not. This goes double if you have oily skin.

To reduce shine and an excess of oil on the face, try some lighter products like foam cleansers or gel cleansers.

Our suggestion:

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Foaming Face Wash, $8.99

This lightweight face wash will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean, not weighed down with greasy product. With its micellar water base, this Garnier cleanser is great for sensitive skin (especially because its odorless), takes off makeup like it’s nobody’s business, and is super easy to wash off.

4. Pollution Blocker

We didn’t realize there was a product that can actually shield your skin from pollution and free radicals – but lo and behold, there is! Before you leave the house on a summer day, try spritzing it on as a setting mist after makeup or on its own like a skin-friendly perfume.

Our suggestion:

Verso Anti-Pollution Spray, $47

Verson’s pollution protection spray helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defense against oxidative stress and improves its ability to detoxify, particularly in the summer months. The effect is a rejuvenated skin, as well as improved stamina in your skin cells.

5. Sea Salt Hair Spray

Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs extra TLC during the summer – your hair needs some extra attention, too! We love using sea salt sprays during the warmer months, not just because it’s a gentle way to give your locks a little extra moisture in the heat, but also because it gives your hair a natural wave that’s a breezy, cool look for summer.

Our suggestion:

OGX Quenched + Sea Mineral Moisture Shimmering Weightless Moisture Replenisher

OGX is an incredible brand and we couldn’t recommend their spritz-on sea salt hair treatment any more. This drugstore pick has conditioners, like glycerin and algae extract, to moisturize brittle ends and prevent future breakage.

Image credit: Pixabay