Shopping enthusiasts are never on vacation – even when they’re out for a family trip or an adventurous solo journey to picturesque places. Moreover, the same temptation is only increased at the sight of Mumbai. For when you’re walking in the vibrant streets of the city, it is utterly hard to resist your shopper’s veins from procuring the best-in-class Mumbaian specialties, i.e. jaw-dropping art and fashion.

The city as much as its markets are the ever up and working center of fashion and trendy culture – not to blame its nightlife, of course! However, are you scared to spend the bucks you saved in your cheap flight from Raipur to Mumbai?

No worries, Mumbai has just the right solution for you! If you’re looking to buy the best at the best lowest rates, here are the markets which you need to invade in Mumbai:

1. Cash at Colaba Causeway

The one-stop market for all shopping needs is the Colaba Causeway. From clothing to little fun and food, don’t expect to go from here without carrying a handful of bags holding some useful and some not-so-useful cheap purchases like human size balloons, decorated maps and a grain of rice with your name.

2. Slip into Chor Bazaar

Don’t go by the name of this market – for you can find the best in cultural art right here at the cost of a struggle in the dense crowd and a few spare currencies. Running since the British Raj, it is the one place in Delhi for all fascinating sculptures, jewelry, household items and decorative pieces.

3. Peek into the Crawford Market

Planning to stay on in Mumbai? Alternatively, tired of fighting the sun at open markets? Walk right into the Crawford market for breathing a bit of fresh air amongst the vegetables and fruits. However, if you’re an animal lover do visit its pets section for an energizing experience.

4. Stay Connected at Linking Road

Find a link to the modern and ancient world at the bustling market of Linking Road, where each shop and shopkeeper has his own story to tell and represents a new flavor of the Mumbaian identity. In case you are planning to gorge both Foreign and Indian Cuisine while window shopping – now you know where you should be!

5. Show Your Class at Fashion Street

If you want to see the trends market of Mumbai in a strictly small land scale, the Fashion Street is the market for you. With around 150 colorful stalls and dozens of clothing designs, it is the common Mumbaian market for cheap fashionistas. Don’t forget to pass a smile at the young buyers before waving it goodbye!

6. Glitter Yourself in Zaveri Bazaar

Probably the best place to invest the extra bucks saved at that cheap flight from Raipur to Mumbai would be the Zaveri Bazaar. Translated to “Jewellery Market” it is the best place in the city for finding royal jewelry in gold and silver, besides beautiful uncut diamonds and rubies.

Mumbai is the glam industry of India, and one can rarely doubt its reputation. It’s diversity of culture, and colorful historical past has nurtured the city to transform it into free space for every creed and kind of people. This is the same thread which runs through its markets - that now feature all the shades of the city’s past and present.

So, don’t hold back your shopper’s veins the next time you visit this land of dreams – after all memories might fade away, but the charm of a souvenir is an eternal reminder of one’s life-changing adventures.