Hello gentlemen. Today you take a back seat. This is meant for the ladies. Have you ever wondered why some men are addicted to strip clubs? Pay attention ladies. Although the society has set high expectations on morality, most men tend to ignore and pursue their desire.

Strip clubs are naturally erotic. And when the ladies are not getting jiggy on the poles, the waitresses are busy serving drinks and a portion of themselves as well. So what exactly drives your man to the strip club every weekend?

To Fulfill Their Fantasies

Men are full of erotic fantasies. And naturally, they are born visual creature. We can’t blame them, can we? There are, however, few who choose to overshadow these desires. But today we are discussing those who don’t. The experience of beautiful women all over and some taking things to a personal level gives them in-depth excitement.

Expert Services with No Strings Attached

Most of the women who work in strip clubs are highly trained and professional. Some are pros with several years of experience. And this is a key factor for men.

I know some ladies might be wondering why not train your girlfriend to offer these services at home? The answer is simple; a girlfriend will only provide these services while expecting something in return. And when things get rocky, the man can as well kiss pole dancing goodbye.

All Under One Roof

Some strip clubs offer several services; some as a package, while others are paid individually. A typical night at the strip club starts with slow playing jams. Then the customers will get drinks and seductive cocktails, served by angelic looking waitresses.

A few hours later, hour-glass shaped models start dancing. Initially, you enjoy a few teaser dances. Then the dance intensifies with stripping, one garment after the other.

Finally, the dancers get personal. The customers enjoy erotic lap dances. By this time, a man’s vision will be duplicating images (thanks to the tantalizing alcoholic cocktails). And when they can’t take it anymore, some will call for a taxi and go home, while the single lads call for escort services. See what I mean?


As bizarre as it sounds, strip clubs offer men an excellent ambiance for socializing. And by the way, not all men who go to strip clubs are after the girls? Due to the professionalism maintained in these joints, you’ll find high profile people gathering in convenient groups to discuss a thing or two.

You’ll also find reserved tables in these joints. The waitress, bouncers, and the good-looking strippers are all at their service. Men engage in conversations from current affairs, the best deals to close, sporting, and more. And when they’ve discussed enough, they can always request for private services of their liking: As a group, of course.


It’s a common phenomenon to see men celebrate their bachelor parties in strip clubs. Some men prefer to celebrate in the craziest fun way possible. These men go an extra mile to adventure with the strippers, especially when they are in a celebratory mood.

Others will just throw a random part on Friday to forget their current stresses. Probably they had a terrible week at work, or maybe they are just looking for wonderful, memorable moments together. A strip club is an ideal place to enjoy drinks, sports, and, unlimited strip dances. As many rounds as you can afford to pay for.

Freedom from Being Judged

Men love their freedom. In the strip clubs, they are allowed to be themselves. They can have fun with beautiful women. They can drink as much booze as they can handle. And no one seems to bother or even judge them. They also get an opportunity to express their frustration and let go whatever they are experiencing to the strange, beautiful women. And in return, they offer them some comfort.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes we need to give the boy child a break. Men have their preferences when it comes to strip clubs; each person with what they like. Not all enjoy watching women swing with poles. Some are there to close important business deals. If a man finds fun in a strip club, let him be. As a lady, you can as well go to a ladies strip club and experience the female version. It's all about choices. And as long as we understand the consequences, there is no harm.

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