Ever had a meal with a true foodie and realized that your meal was no longer a meal, but a memorable experience? If you are a non-adventurous eater who likes to have the same food every day, then you may find these features about a foodie a little annoying.

1. The foodie is able to recommend a local eatery for any occasion

If you every invite a foodie for a lunch or dinner together, you will not have to go through the “I don’t know what to eat”/ “anything is fine” / “you decide” conversational merry-go-around. No matter what the event is or what you are in the mood for, the foodie is able to decide upon a place for both of you to eat at within moments. If you are going to lunch on a hot summer day, the foodie immediately knows where the best gazpacho in town is. If you are trying to watch your weight for that vacation to the Bahamas this winter, the foodie is able to bring you to a place where there are tons of healthy options to choose from.

2. The foodie is always down to try a new dish or exotic ingredient

If a foodie invites you to try a new dish along with them, you can expect it to be something unconventional. The foodie strays away from your boring panini or pasta dish when at a restaurant. They will always ask the server to bring them what they recommend and try any ingredient they have never had. Fried crickets and chocolate covered spiders may seem off-putting to most people, but for a foodie, it is just another ingredient they have yet to try.

3. The foodie knows about the next trend before it hits social media

The rainbow grilled cheese from Chomp and the extravagant milkshake from Black Tap that are trending on Buzzfeed and Instagram are nothing new to the foodie. They have gone there, tried it, rated it, and moved on to another trend before it has even hit the masses. They know about the trendy food places and try it weeks before the 2-hour lines hit. Check their Instagram or blog, maybe they have even posted about it months earlier and are recommending another yet-to-be trendy food.

4. The foodie knows their cooking terminology

A foodie knows how to eat, but they also know how the food is made. When they ask the server how a dish is made, they do not need an explanation about what the difference between broiling and baking is. They do not need to ask what a coddled egg with a chiffonade of basil is going to look like nor are they going to ask if they should use a mezzaluna or a mandolin when they have to prepare some vegetables from a recipe. They know how to eat and they know the different terms to describe each preparation method.

5. The foodie can recreate the taste of the dish using words

If you are stuck at work or class right before a meal time, never talk to a foodie about food. The way they use words to describe what they have eaten will make you extremely hungry and have your mouthwatering. They have moved past the simple adjectives like “delicious” and “juicy” and moved on to using metaphors and idioms to describe the sensation of eating a dish. They can have you tasting a dish you never even heard of before in just a few sentences and make you want to try a food that may seem off-putting by just describing it.

6. The foodie does more than travel and eat at trendy restaurants

It is true that most foodies travel and eat trendy foods. However, they also go to the local places and try more obscure, hole-in-the-wall places. The foodie would much prefer to eat at a mom-and-pop bakery on the corner of the bus stop than to try the next big thing at Dominique Ansel. The foodie would much rather dig into old recipe books and read about old, less-used methods and ingredients that he can bring back to life than make the steak dish from Bobby Flay’s new cook book.

7. The foodie seeks out an eating experience more than just taste

To a foodie, having a meal encompasses more than just the food. It comprises of the environment, the delivery method of the food, how the food looks, where the food is, and much more. They would much rather wait 2 hours and pay more to have a dish at a restaurant with live music, unconventional serving plates, great service, and an open kitchen than grab a quick fix at the place down the block, despite both dishes being delicious.

8. The foodie is curious about the dish and ask questions

If you ever gone out to eat with a foodie, you will know that a foodie is never satisfied with the information presented in front of them. They will ask the server about the ingredients, the preparation methods, and more. The foodie will not just eat a new dish they are trying at the new restaurant, they have to examine it and find out everything they can about it to create a whole eating experience.

Those are just a few things that foodies do which may make you decide again if you want to grab a meal with your friend who calls himself a foodie. If you are a picky, non-adventurous eater, then you may not have a good time. However, if you find yourself wanting to try new foods and make eating an experience, then you should reach out to your foodie friend for your next meal!

Images from pexels