When planning a first date, it can be easy to forget subtle details which can derail the entire date because of the excitement. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning:


If the weather is extremely windy and cloudy and it looks like rain might be in the forecast, it is probably not the best idea to plan something outdoors, like a picnic or a trip to the zoo. This type of weather is best suited for indoor activities, like museums or movies. On the contrary, if it is sunny and warm, do not waste the day indoors. Sunshine affects mood and helps people feel happier and more optimistic. Use this as an opportunity to explore your city and absorb some sun.


If you are picking up your date in your car, make sure you have a plan on how you will bring your date home. If the both of you are going to be taking public transportation, make sure you both have a designated area to meet up, especially in a crowded area like a train terminal or a bus station. Keep in mind the progression of the date, too. If you are planning on travelling to many places, factor in transportation price and travelling time.


Never assume that your date will pay for themselves, but never assume that you do not have to pay for your date. Always bring enough cash for two people in case something happens to your credit card or if your date ends up not having money. If you are going to be doing things that require money, factor that into the budget, too. Also, take into consideration your date’s budget – try not to assume that your date will be willing to spend money to do something especially if it is very expensive or if there is a cheaper option.

How you're meeting up

If you are meeting your date for the first time, make sure you know what he or she is wearing and how he or she will look like. How embarrassing would it be to accidentally pick up the wrong person or greet the wrong person at the coffee shop? If the both of you know each other previously and decide to meet at one of your homes, be aware of certain safety precautions. Do not invite yourself into their home if you are meeting at their place, but if you are meeting at your place, do not feel obligated to invite them in, even if it is pouring rain outdoors.

Time of Day

Try to schedule activities that take a lot of energy or need a lot of light for dates that are earlier in the morning or afternoon, such as hiking or walking around an area. Wait until the sun sets to bring drinks into the question. If your date is later at night, keep in mind that many places may be closed, especially after work hours, when both of you may be meeting.


If your date is a vegan or allergic to anything, it is a good idea to look for restaurants that cater to their dietary restriction so they do not feel like they are missing out on anything when ordering. Keep in mind the time that you have to wait on line – fast food grab-and-go option or sit-down area?

Day of the Week

Weekdays are generally more restrictive, since you may both be busy with work or school. That does not leave much time to plan our large extravagant activities. However, it is a good way to get to know each other by just having a simple dinner together. Weekends, although giving you much more time, may be more restrictive in places you can do, since things open later in the day or are closed.

Mutual Interests and Hobbies

It is important to keep in mind that a first date should be fun for both individuals involved. If you are not having fun, it will show in your attitude and that negative energy will spread to your date. Try to find something to do that the both of you are interested in. It is impossible to not find at least one thing that you and your date are both remotely interested in.


Places like New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia will offer a lot more options any time of the week or day, than more rural areas. When planning a date, keep this in mind, especially if you are travelling from a large city to a more rural area, or vice versa. It would be horrible to not find anything to do because you did not realize that not all places stay awake 24/7. On the contrary, if you are in a place like Vegas or New York City, there will be many things to do, but safety for you and your date is also a concern.

Keep in mind these details when planning your first date. Perhaps it will help you get a second date!

Images from pexels / Main Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash