What are some of your favorite appetizers? Chips and queso would be mine. Now, imagine this, all of the people in all the lands only eat appetizers never the entrees.

How much money did you lose?

How much of a semi well-balanced meal are you receiving? How much is your body satisfied living only off your appetizer?

I have a spoken word piece that portrays exactly why appetizers have to accompany meals.

What is it about me, that makes me good enough to share your secrets, yet not good enough to share your space?
By space, I mean that part of your heart.I know the previous tenant did a number on that space.

But, not me I would dust away from the cobwebs, open the drapes, and let the sun pour in.I’d take care of home, and keep it safe.

Why is it that I’m amazing, but just not enough? Why is it my "awesomeness" won’t equate to filling the vacancy inside your heart?

Why do I have to settle for second place?

Why do I love you and you love me not good enough?

What is it about me that’s not sufficient?

Is it because sometimes I talk in circles, and my rush of emotions can be a little much?

Is it that you know all my secrets so there’s nothing left of me to give?

Is it because I wear no mask when facing you? I let you see it all.

Left my heart wide open. All for you.

You think I’m "amazing" just not enough.
Not impressive enough to keep your attention.
Not enough for you to take a second look.

What is it about me that is enough to love, but never enough to give your heart?I am independent, and I know well enough I should leave alone. I don't.

I put God first, and I just want to make you second.
I just can’t quite wrap my head around;
if I am so amazing why is it I leave no impression?

Why your Appetizer and never the whole damn meal?

I have had this mental, spiritual, and extremely heightened physical connection to one person for three years.

I have never accepted "just friends" as good enough. Finding it hard to procure someone who keeps my attention, matches my ambition, shares my sarcasm, and love for Harry Potter.

So naturally, when I find him I keep him.

Appetizers, some say, are the best part of the night; that's why they come before your meal.

They are the tease before the real deal, the filling, and delicious part of the food.

Some just eat appetizers as their meal with a beer sat to their right or left; depending on which hand you use.

See, the appetizer is only as good as the meal it's teasing you to wait on.

With out the food, you don't have the satisfaction the security of the entrée provides. Security, by which means you won't be hungry again at 12:00 am.

Making a McDonalds run wishing you had eaten your whole meal or wishing it had been as fulfilling as that appetizer teased you into believing it would be.

The pre-meal is essentially our "friendship" before the blossoming of a budding romance.

For some reason, "He" seems to think his body can live, breathe, and love of just an appetizer. Maybe he would be able to; with some other girl, in some other place, doing some other thing, but not with me.

My friend is just the appetizer. As my love grows, my heart becomes to leave space, and the need for someone to fill it. You can't have a relationship without friendship.

Appetizers are essential to your night out on the town drinks and eat, but they lead to a relationship between you and that main course.

I once wrote a poem to "him" asking for a sign from him to check in the answer he chose, "will you go out with me check yes or no."

His reply was I love you just as a friend though because I'm awesome. Impressive enough to be his appetizer, but not the main course.

Never sell yourself short you are the appetizer, the main course, the salad on the side, and the damn dessert.

Roll your eyes when you hear "you're just a friend, especially when you know what your "friend's" lips taste like.

P.S my spirit animal is the eye roll emoji sometimes accompanied by her cousin the side eye. Who is your spirit animals robin?

Photo credit: Pexels.com