Sandra Prakash

I am a budding writer who refuses to stop believing in love, searching happiness and finding humanity. Check out my page for more of my writing.

How To Get it Right On Your First Date

Admit it, you're not going on a date for some extra tension in your already hectic life. It's a break from your monotonous life for an

Couple in the Countryside

We are so familiarized to the city that we often overlook how much the countryside can offer to a couple. Holidays, family visits, official trips, explorations.

Double the Date, the Fun and the Memories.

If you hang out in a group, you may miss out on some romance. If you go alone, you may miss out on some fun. Is

Sunday? Time for some fun!

Weekend means extra time. And extra time should not be wasted. Here are 7 awesome things you must try this weekend with your partner: Making a