Ideas of Vacations for Couples

Ideas of Vacations for Couples

Call me a linguistic lame if you like, but I still could spend all day learning new and hilarious slanguage. One of the most well-known portmanteaus trending on social media and online is “baecation,” which means hanging out with the bae, usually for an extended period of time, like a vacation.

One of my favorite manipulations of language is the portmanteau. Compound words like honeymoon, aftermath, and ladyfingers are cool too because they mash words together creating new meanings and what not. My day always gets a tad wavier when I hear terms like cellfish, defined as an individual who talks on his or her cell phone even when doing so is rude or inconsiderate of other people.

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Below are some tips on how to spend your baecation.

Baecations are an answer to repetitive date ideas, wasted, dull vacation weeks, or your lack of social excursions due to monotonous work schedules. Often, much planning goes into these events and the most pressure comes from figuring out how to make this sojourn more romantic than your yearly all-girls or guy-time getaways. However, there are really only three questions you and your bae should be asking.

First, what vibe are we trying to capture? Secondly, how romantic are we trying to be? Lastly, how much are we trying to spend?

Though the bulk of your intentions for the baecation are to snuggle up with bae like you never could in a normal setting, a nice tan or a few souvenirs are better trip trophies than friction burns and hickies from your significant other.

It’s important, then, to choose a theme for the trip and plan events that will heighten your vibe. For instance, if bae and I are super mountain-hikers looking to enjoy quiet intimacy, a week-long stay in a major city full of partiers might not be ideal.

I find it simple to use three vibes: Nature and Serene Seclusion, Fun Thrills and City Life, or Cultural Immersion. From here, you can easily find destinations that suit your preferred atmosphere and choose corresponding activities.

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How Romantic is Baecation?

This is a crucial question, as it not only solidifies the trip as a baecation and not just a way for two friends to get a discount, but it also sets a standard of growth in a relationship. Romance in the midst of a beautiful backdrop and unlimited glasses of wine is pretty inevitable.

The issue here isn’t if the romance occurs but if it will be too much. For starters, it may be smart to book an adult-only resort to ensure that the activities and showcases of affection can go on any and everywhere without little Michael staring.

On the other hand, it also might not be smart to book the honeymoon suite and deal with heart-shaped everything and excessive Barry White tunes.

How Much Does Baecation Have to Cost?

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Though baecations are supposed to be grand and memorable, they don’t need to break the bank. Plus, it would be rather inconsiderate to purchase what you can afford without considering your bae’s finances. Baecations aren’t about outdoing or impressing other couples.

If you and bae can have fun 45 minutes away from home at a street festival, then that’s one more reason that ensures you can enjoy yourselves on a budget-friendly getaway. There’s no shame in typing “cheap romantic getaways” into Google. It would even be a smart idea to search all-inclusive trips as well, as they ensure almost all provisions necessary to enjoy the trip and provide a budget upfront.

Enjoying baecation for long periods of time shouldn’t be a chore. Use this guide, pack the swimsuits, and head out with your lover.