A close relative of Mediterranean food with influences from Turkey, Greece and some parts of Middle East, Greek cuisine has been savored in the US for several years now.

With numerous restaurants and multiple food joints, Greek food has been alive and kicking among the foodies. Authentic taste, traditional recipes, and true flavorful ingredients contribute to the celebration of this unique style.

For a city that is known for its diverse cuisines and multiple options, New York City relishes the meal with enthusiastic taste buds. A wide array of Greek restaurants in the city is proof of the fact that New Yorkers love the cuisine for its excellent offerings.

Ingredients such as olive oil, oysters, meat (lamb, poultry, and pork), wheat, tomatoes, bell peppers, feta cheese, herbs, and fishes are widely used in this cuisine. From the famous appetizer ‘Spanakopita’ to sweet dish ‘Baklava,' from casserole ‘Moussaka’ to well-known gyros ‘Souvlaki,' Greek food has many signature dishes to its credit. With flavorful spices and unique sauces, Greek cuisine manages to create an instant connection with the hungry stomach! A wide variety of ingredients and numerous items on the menu form the highlights of this ancient cuisine.

Greek restaurants in the city actually bring this fact to life with their efforts to remain traditional and authentic. Let us head over to some of the best Greek restaurants in New York City to satisfy that craving of gyros and baklava.

1. Taverna Kyclades

Location: Astoria and East Village


Quality and taste come to life in this simple, authentic yet highly rated Greek restaurant in the city. With two locations – East Village and Astoria, Taverna Kyclades has been serving excellent Greek food since several years. It is famous for Greek seafood besides its rich variety of salads and appetizers. Grilled fish, grilled octopus, spinach pie and greek salad are some of the best dishes. Besides, it is also known for its perfect wine collection to wash down such an incredible meal.

2. The Greek kitchen

Location: 10th Avenue

Traditional Greek fare for the entire family forms the signature of this Midtown Greek restaurant. Diverse menu with multiple options of appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts make this restaurant quite famous and well-loved among the New Yorkers. Seafood and wines are some other attractive features of this place.

3. Elias corner for fish

Location: Astoria

The name itself suggests that this Greek spot is famous for its fresh fish and seafood. With authentic spices, sauces, and ingredients, Elias corner attracts patrons from far and wide. No menu, long queue of patrons, pure, simple taste, and a perfect tinge of lemon and olive oil are the distinguishing factors of this well-known Greek restaurant in Astoria neighborhood of NYC.

4. Pylos

Location: 7th St

If you wish to savor some authentic Greek meal in a classy ambiance, this upscale restaurant In East village can be your perfect choice. Traditional flavors paired with perfect wine form the highlights of this rustic kitchen that is loved by New Yorkers. Save this experience for special occasions and enjoy some traditional Greek delights with family and friends.

5. Souvlaki GR

Location: Lower Eastside and Midtown

Taste of Mykonos (famous Greek isles) in the heart of New York City forms the identity of this Greek tavern established in 2010. With a diverse menu of salads, entrees, seafood, and wine, this place promises to take you to its Greek roots. Authentic taste, traditional ingredients, and home-style cooking, ensuring the pure experience of Greece in NYC.

6. Kiki’s

Location: Lower Eastside

Comfortable ambiance, relaxed feel, authentic food and savory treats mark this Greek restaurant located on the Lower East side. It is famous for Moussaka, spanakopita and Greek salad. This casual spot strives to preserve authentic taste with its true ingredients such as lemon and feta cheese.

7. Molyvos

Location: Midtown West

Another upscale restaurant with authentic Greek flavors, Molyvos is celebrated as one of the best Greek places in Manhattan. Besides their famous Greek entrees, this place is well known for its extensive wine collection that has bagged several awards within the food and beverage circles in NYC.

8. Snack Taverna

Location: West Village

A perfect blend of traditional and modern flavors define this Greek restaurant, well famous for its salads. It comes across as a casual spot for brunch or relaxed dining experience. Oven roasted lamb and whole fish are two famous dishes to look out for.

9. The Greek

Location: Greenwich street

With organic ingredients and nutritious menu, this Greek restaurant in the city promises to deliver authentic taste. Cozy restaurant and bar with a rustic feel, this place is equally famous for its wine collection.

10. Ithaka

Location: East, 86th St

Mediterranean décor and relaxed ambiance bring Greek food to life in this authentic restaurant of New York. It is famous for its seafood inspired by traditional cooking styles. Grilled calamari, grilled fish, and meatballs are some popular items from its extensive menu.

Besides these famous restaurants, there are many other options in the city to explore the traditional roots of this Southeastern European delight. Inspired by Greece mainland and islands, these restaurants truly do an excellent job.

Image credit: [pixabay, yelp]