When it comes to dealing with back and neck pain, either because of a chronic condition or after an injury, it can seem like many of the activities you once enjoyed are simply incompatible with this ever-present pain. However, while there may be limits to the things you can do, sex is still something that anyone can enjoy, even someone living with back pain.

While sex might seem like the kind of activity that is reckless, wild, and for some even rough, there are ways to work around these issues in order for you to still enjoy a satisfying sex life. In order to continue having great sex, even with back pain, it is important to not only be careful but find positions, and even implements, that will work for you and help alleviate some of the strains and stresses that sex can bring on.

Although it may not seem fun or sexy to have to plan your sexual encounters when you are living with back pain, particularly the chronic kind, it is important to take planning sex seriously. You will definitely have to talk to your partner, especially about the positions that work for you, as well as any toys you might need or want, and even the speed at which the sex takes place. With the limitations that any pain or injury might cause you, it is important to discuss what you need to avoid in terms of positions, as well as which positions still work for you.

Just like it is important to plan your sex life with your partner when you have to account for pain or injury, it is also critical to understand the kind of orgasms you have. If your orgasms are more of a full-on, bodily experience, it is important to account for this when figuring out what will work best for your sex life.

With the idea of planning for your sex life taken care of, now it is time to find positions that can potentially work for you. The following positions are some of the best for people who are living with back pain.

Doggy Style

This classic position is actually relatively good for people with back pain, according to Everyday Health. Doggy style is a position that can be explored when people are either standing up or lying down. If you are the partner who is receiving and have back pain, you will want to lie down with your belly pressed into the bed firmly. In this position, you will want to keep your spine straight, while your legs will also be straight out, but spread. Another option in this position is to use a pillow in order to support your head so that your neck is not strained.

Lying On Your Back

This might seem extremely simple, but it is amazing how simply lying on your back can allow for a sexual encounter that is free of pain and strain. In this position, you will want to have a pillow to support your neck, but it is important to be aware of your body at all times. Often in this position, we want to raise our legs, so you must be careful to not overdo things and put an unnecessary strain on your back. Remember that the more you lift your legs or even bend your knees, the more strain you are going to be putting on your back, which is really what you are trying to avoid.


Lying side-by-side is a great way to deal with back pain when your problems tend to be worsened by standing for an extended period of time or even leaning in some way. This is a position that can bring relief and comfort, while also being a very sensual position that will allow for additional closeness with your partner. There are times that this is called a fetal position, and no matter which partner has the back pain, this is a position for anyone. While this position can limit some movements and even be a more relaxed sexual experience, it can still be very satisfying.

Standing Missionary

The missionary position is one that can easily be adapted for people who have back pain. If you are the giver in your sexual relationship and will be doing thrusting, then standing can be a way to deal with any potential pain. With your partner either laying on a bed or even sitting on a chair, you will stand in order to thrust with your hips. This will help to stop you from crouching in a position that can cause pain, although you want to be aware of your body at all times.

Oral Sex

Sometimes it seems that people forget that there are plenty of options when it comes to sexual activity, including oral sex. You can still be intimate with your partner, without penetrative sex. Oral sex is a chance to enjoy each other without many of the more vigorous movements associated with straight-up intercourse.

*While these positions will certainly help people who experience back pain continue to have a satisfying sex life, there are also other things one can do to deal with that chronic pain. This includes incorporating a sexual aid or even a toy into your play. Among the aids, you may want to consider are suction handlebars, sex slings, wedges, and even doggy style straps.

Whatever you decide to do in order to better your sex life when dealing with back pain, it is important to keep an open line of communication with your partner. If you find yourself dealing with pain that suddenly occurs during sex, then it is best to stop and reposition, because your happiness is just as important as your partner's. Ultimately, these tips are just suggestions and it is up to you to figure out what is the most comfortable and least stressful on your back.

Image Credit: Sarah Hina via Flickr