New York can be rightly labelled as ‘heaven’ for foodies. A city that offers diverse cuisines with best options in every category, there is no reason to complain. Variety, quality, authenticity, and economy all go hand in hand as this city does justice to every domain.

Hence there is no surprise in the fact that New York has some of the best restaurants around the globe. The unique feature of the food culture here is ‘diversity.' It does not focus on any one particular cuisine. It manages excellent spread from all over the world.

This makes New York one of the favorite destinations for foodies. Listing just a few restaurants from a long list of excellent contenders can be a tough task as it does get difficult to spot and pick. This article will take you through some of the best restaurants in the Big Apple city that every foodie may visit. The aim is to focus on diverse cuisines and not concentrate on any one particular style.

When it comes to food, foodies know what stands out and what fails. Hence restaurants have to toil hard to impress these taste buds! In no particular order, here is the list of best restaurants in New York:

1. Union Square Café


Cuisine: American

This place is known for its rich menu; Union Square Café has been serving New Yorkers since 1985. A perfect blend of old and new unite at this spot that is famous for its dishes such as Fritto Misto, spiced chicken, banana tart, and pannacotta.

2. Cosme


Cuisine: Mexican

Serving Mexican inspired cuisine in a contemporary style, Cosme is a unique restaurant with a vast menu. Their team of chefs strives to stay close to traditional Mexican roots while sourcing local ingredients from the Hudson Valley. Ram hamachi fish, bone marrow tostadas, octopus tentacle with hazelnut mole are some of the dishes to look forward to.

3. Blue Hill


Cuisine: American

A restaurant that sources its ingredients from local farms around the area, this 17 years old place has made a deep connection with New Yorkers. One can choose from the four-course tasting menu or go for the six-course Farmer’s harvest. A Rich collection of wine is another interesting highlight of this restaurant.

4. Ocean Prime


Cuisine: Seafood

If you crave for some authentic seafood, this upscale restaurant can pose as the perfect choice. Known for its classic steak and lobster dishes, this place has been serving customers through a chain of 14 restaurants across the country. Besides sea food – salads and sushi are also quite famous.

5. Blossom


Cuisine: Vegan

This vegan restaurant presents some of the most interesting dishes made from organic and fresh ingredients. This place aims to give a delicious touch to vegan options and offer an amazing experience to the animal-lovers. Vegan sandwiches and salads along with a rich menu of entrees shine at this fine dining place.

6. Marea


Cuisine: Italian

Delicious Italian sea food and homemade pasta are what you can expect at this high-end restaurant loved by locals and tourists alike. Along with a rich menu, this place is highly rated for its ambiance, setting, feel and quality.

7. Katz’s Delicatessen


Cuisine: American

What started off as a small deli in 1888 has now grown to become one of the best restaurants in New York? It is extremely famous among local folks for its huge sandwiches, platters, and meat. This family-owned local deli has certainly managed to keep its legacy alive.

8. Hometown Bar-b-que


Cuisine: American (barbeque)

Rated as the best Barbeque restaurant in the city, this Brooklyn spot brings Texas to New York. Authentic pit smoked meats cooked in Southern style is the highlight of this restaurant. It also features a full bar with cocktails, wines, craft beers and American whiskeys.

9. Jean-Gorges


Cuisine: French

A perfect blend between local ingredients and French cuisine makes this Michelin starred restaurant a favorite among New Yorkers. It offers one of the finest dining experiences to the patrons with magical food created by chef Jean Gorges.

10. Gramercy Tavern


Cuisine: American

Creative food with rich taste, authentic flavors, and locally sourced ingredients can describe this upscale restaurant in Flatiron area. This place is famous for its pasta, flatbreads, dessert, and wine. Keeping the rich history of Gramercy alive, the restaurant has been serving patrons for more than 20 years now.

11. Sushi Yasuda


Cuisine: Sushi

If you enjoy sushi, this place should be your next destination. As the chefs create magic with diverse styles and numerous ingredients, it is truly worth. This food appeals to your eyes along with taste buds and stomach.

12. Di Fara pizza


Cuisine: Neopolitan

One cannot talk about best restaurants in New York and not include pizzas. Di Fara pizza is famous for its hand-tossed crust and coal-fired ovens. As chef carefully prepares fresh dough every day, the long wait for a pizza slice is truly worth it.

13. Tamarind Tribeca


Cuisine: Indian

High-end version of Indian dishes with a variety of ingredients, touch of authentic spices and flavorful, delicious spread can be the best way to describe this Indo-American restaurant. It is well known for its curries, sauces and unique style of meat preparation.

14. Pearl Oyster Bar


Cuisine: American

Head over to this restaurant for some of the best varieties of seafood – lobsters, shrimp, fish, and oysters. It is extremely famous for signature lobster rolls. It also features a rich collection of wine that perfectly pairs with the beach food.

15. ABC Kitchen


Cuisine: American

This restaurant is famous for its bow-tie pasta, meatballs, clam pizza and ice cream cake. Along with the delicious food, this place is highly rated for its ambiance, wonderful décor, and relaxing feel.

You can never run out of restaurant options in New York. Every passing year, several new restaurants make their mark while the old ones continue to shine. Enjoy this gourmet city with its gourmet options because that is what foodies do!

Image credit- Pixabay, Yelp