When it comes to talking about sex, there are often discussions that are difficult to have, including what our fantasies are and the things we want to try with our partner. One of those discussions might revolve around the possibility of anal sex, and incorporating anal play in the bedroom.

For many people, the idea of anal sex can be considered taboo, even as there is a strong interest in incorporating this into one's sexual routine. Often times, there are misconceptions associated with anal sex which make people uncomfortable, and even unwilling to give it a try. However, if you understand the best ways to incorporate this sexual activity into the bedroom, then it can actually be a great way to experience something new, while having a great time with your partner.

For some people, anal sex is something they absolutely love, while for others it is something to avoid at all cost. Without trying it though, you will never know how you really feel about it.

If you have never really done anal sex before, here are some tips for finding ways to introduce this particular sexual activity into the bedroom. And while some might seem obvious, they are still critical in making this fantasy (for some) a reality.

Ultimately the first step to actually having anal sex is participating in anal foreplay. Which means it is all about building up to the actual act.

Here is what you need in order to build up to adding anal sex to your bedroom activities:

Pick the right lube

It is important to not only use lube, but to pick the correct one. You will want to go for a water-based lube for anal play as it makes rubbing and general touching feel better. It still offers a slippery sensation, while keeping the sensitivity that makes it all worthwhile.

Don't ignore the cheeks!

It is not all about the booty hole when it comes to anal sex. You also need to pay attention to the butt cheeks as well. Rubbing and massaging the entire booty will make all the difference, and because it feels good it can make it easier to play with all areas of the butt (ultimately the booty hole is the goal).

Use toys

Toys are a great way to really get any action going when it comes to anal play. Even just teasing the hole with a vibrator is enough to stimulate and excite. This is a chance to build up to actual penetration, and make it good all the way around.

Play with yourself

Playing with yourself can make you feel more confident when it comes time to have your partner play with you. You will be able to figure out what feels good and what does not. Plus, this way you won't be tense or shocked by what happens when your partner starts playing around down there.

Remember that pain should not be part of the experience

Anal play should not hurt. Not only is this why you are using lube to begin with, but as long as you relax and breathe, this is not going to be a painful experience. Instead, there may be a bit of light discomfort or you may feel a sense of fullness, but otherwise no pain. Pain means that something is wrong.

Start out small

Starting out small is important. This means building up to something larger when it comes to anal sex and penetration. Whether that means using a small toy, a butt plug or even a finger, you want to build up to the main event. This is basically training your butt to accept larger items, which will also help with that "no pain" point we just made.

Remember that anal sex requires a lot of prep work. This means your partner can't just start thrusting. Instead, play lightly, use fingers and toys, and make sure that there is plenty of lube. While there are plenty of steps that really go into getting started with anal sex, these tips will certainly help make it easier for you and your partner when you decide that you are ready to bring anal sex into the bedroom.

Image Credit: Pixabay