How to Keep Your College Love Alive Forever

How to Keep Your College Love Alive Forever

It doesn’t matter how successful you are in your career and other life spheres, but if you don’t have a happy relationship, the chances are high that you will feel unsatisfied. Many people manage to find a college love, but only some of them are lucky enough to stay together through thick and thin till the end. When you see a cute senior couple, who hold hands and still look happy together, you understand that the notorious “happily ever after” does exist. However, most people follow another famous statement that love lasts three years, and couples who keep their love alive for ages seem more like unicorns.

They forget how they wanted to spend every spare minute with their soulmates and even used an essay writing service to have more free time together. At some moment, you may think that something is wrong with you, or all these happy couples know a secret they don’t want to share with others. How is it possible to keep loving the person you met in your youth?

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Don’t forget about hugs and sex

If you want to keep your fire burning, you shouldn’t forget that physical intimacy plays a key role here. People in love strive for closeness and feel happy when they touch their dearests. When you come across couples who hold hands, embrace or kiss, you understand that they are drawn together. Your body produces substances that help you feel safe and comfortable when you hug a close person.

Thus, people who are not used to maintaining physical contact lose this special connection over time. They don’t feel happy to the required extent, and it means that they will try to search for these feelings somewhere else. The same goes for sexual intercourse. If people don’t experience the same need for physical closeness, their relationships will not last long. When people stay together for kids or some other goals, they break up when they achieve the desired result or feel unhappy together till the end.  

Develop common interests

You don’t need to be like twins and love all possible things to the same extent, but you should have something you are passionate about. If you don’t share any hobbies, it is high time to find something new. The modern world offers many activities, so it will not be a big deal to find something to your liking.

Besides, it is worth thinking about things you were doing together in college. What was it? Did you go dancing every Friday or arrange a movie marathon? Try all the options to understand what can become your “glue.”

When a couple experiences new emotions together, they release serotonin and associate this state of happiness with their partners. That’s why it is worth trying new things and traveling only together, even if you have children. You should find time only for the two of you.

I remember how I asked my roommate about writing essay for me in exchange for the last money just to have one more free evening with my beloved one. The chances are high that you did the same in college. So, what has changed since that moment?

Find ways to miss each other

Many young people constantly communicate since they are always within reach thanks to instant messengers. However, when you stay in touch 24/7, you don’t experience bright emotions because there is no chance to miss each other at least a bit. Thus, your relationship risks turning into obligation and routine where there is no space for spontaneity, strong emotions, and quality time together. The latter is of key importance for every couple. So, if you separate for some time, don’t send dozens of messages in a row. It will not be superfluous to bring some independence into your life together.

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Tune yourself in to love

It may sound a bit weird, but if your actions, words, and thoughts don’t coincide, you will hardly get the required result. If you do nothing to keep your fire burning and make your relationships stronger, you will start thinking about some other “better” options that you can get if you break up. In general, modern people don’t tune themselves into “happily ever after” with the same partner. The world is abundant, so there is an illusion that your relationship must be perfect by definition and without any effort on your part. However, such a misconception results only in another broken couple. If you constantly think about escape and how you can wonderfully leave alone, it means that you either date the wrong person or you’ve forgotten that relationship is another work you should do around the clock.

Take care of each other

When you look at your partner and life together from an optimistic perspective, your brain learns to perceive things positively and stops seeking drawbacks. When you are grateful for everything and don’t take your partner for granted, the life quality and satisfaction increase. Don’t forget to flirt with your partner and make pleasant surprises without reason. Happy couples take care of each other in all situations. They are always ready to make a cup of tea or become a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes it is enough to listen to your partner and treat them to something tasty. Big things start small, so don’t forget that details can make a difference.

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