As part of being in a loving and committed relationship, intimacy is vital. Having a healthy sexual relationship can be very crucial when it comes to keeping your relationship going strong. While certain relationships succeed in which sex is not considered an essential activity, for many people sex is a form of intimacy that is critical to maintaining a connection with their partner.

With sex being such a significant component of many couples’ relationship, it is essential to avoid some of the more common bedroom mistakes. Of course to actually prevent those mistakes, one first has to know what they are.

Common Bedroom Mistakes

Never Expect Your Lover to Read Your Mind

Every person is different when it comes to what pleases them. Letting your partner know what you want and enjoy is extremely important. No matter how long you have been together, it is important to communicate your wants and needs. Remember to be clear and specific, and if possible offer some directions. Not only will you be able to find satisfaction, but your partner will feel good knowing that they were able to please you.

Never Expect Your Partner to Be “In the Mood” Just Because You Are

There are times when you simply are not in the mood, and this is also true of your partner. Having any unreal expectations that make it seem as if your partner can perform sexually on a whim is setting you both up for not only disappointment but also for resentment.

While it is perfectly acceptable to try and seduce your partner or attempt to get them in the mood when you are feeling frisky, there are also times when you just have to know when to back off. Sometimes it is all about understanding that space is needed. Whether you are a man or a woman, there simply may be times when being tired or stressed out will end up winning out over sex, and that is okay.

Don’t Expect Your Partner to Always Initiate Sex

As a couple, you are in an equal partnership. While there may be a more dominant partner regarding the bedroom and who gets things going, there are still times when taking the initiative to kick off a sexual encounter ends up adding a spark to the relationship, often in more ways than you may even realize.

Being the person who makes things happen concerning your sex life can also be a way to show your partner that you are just as engaged in the relationship as they are. It is all about showing the other person that you want them just as much as they want you. Your partner should never have to worry or wonder whether you want them and desire them, so show them just how much you want them and get things going in the bedroom.

Remember That Foreplay Is Important

Man or woman, foreplay is important. Foreplay is what gets the fun started. This is a chance to engage all of the senses and the entire body. Foreplay is an act of seduction, and everyone wants to be seduced once in a while.

Give Your Partner the Chance to Lead the Sexual Encounter

Much like it is important not always to have your partner be the one to initiate sex, it is also important that if you are the more dominant partner, you allow your partner the opportunity to lead when it comes to your sex life.

If your partner is the one who is more dominant and you find yourself wanting to be in control once in a while, then you have to talk to them and let them know that you want to switch things up. Changing things up is healthy and proves that as a couple you have been able to create a safe environment for both of you to get your needs met.


Remember to communicate with your partner. Conversation is crucial to any relationship and while talking about life and problems is important, it should not be brought into the bedroom. When engaging in sexual activities, the focus should be on each other.

This is your time to discuss your wants and needs sexually, not your problems with work or school or even life in general. Bedroom fun should be all about getting you out of your head. Ultimately this means that talking is perfectly fine in the bedroom, but you want to leave the stress outside of the bed.

Image by Ðariusz via Flickr