Whether your partner lives two hours away by car or half a world away, communication is the key to sustaining any long distance relationship. This idea is almost cliche, but what does communication actually look like in a long distance relationship?

While each generation is getting better and quicker at texting, it takes much more than that to maintain a long distance relationship. The problem with texting is that it takes so little time, it is too easy to fall into a habit of mindless communication. When you are far from your partner and you have to rely on communication to feel connected, the most important aspect is to be intentional in the ways that you do it.

Being intentional means that you appreciate every time you talk to your partner. If you are talking to them just to talk to them, it will become harder to feel grateful that there is someone in your life willing to put time and energy into you. The goal of a long distance relationship is to preserve the excitement that comes with being with your partner, and when you don't have the luxury of living in the same place, you have to create that in other ways.

Here are some tips in order to stay mindful when you talk to your partner.

Think Before You Press Send

On a day to day basis, texting is obviously the easiest way to talk to your partner. However, just because it's easy, doesn't mean that you can't be deliberate! Instead of constantly updating your partner about where you are or who you're with, tell them about something positive that happened or your feelings in general about the day. When you ask them questions, do it with the intent of understanding their state of mind, not just their physical location.

Understanding Your Partner's Schedule

Since you are in a different place, and maybe even a different time zone, it's important to understand that the two of you will be running on different schedules. If your partner doesn't respond immediately, be respectful and don't take it to heart. The timeliness of a response does not correlate to the love your partner has for you. Although it's hard, patience will only make your relationship stronger.

Finding Different Modes of Communication

Texting is so commonplace in this day and age, and sometimes your thumbs deserve a break. Using different methods of communication keeps your relationship fresh and it will make your partner feel special that you went out of your way to do something new for them. If you live especially far from each other, sending a postcard is a great way to show your partner a picture of your city and write a short and sweet note to them as well. If you have more time to commit, writing a letter is very romantic and thoughtful.

Finally, a simple email can still make your partner swoon! In a world where we are so informal, writing, "Dear," can make all the difference in a long distance relationship.