We are so familiarized to the city that we often overlook how much the countryside can offer to a couple. Holidays, family visits, official trips, explorations... many reasons land us there. So you may as well enjoy it.

No two countrysides would be the same. But there are definitely a few things common to all and you need to exploit everything it has to offer. You'll be amazed to find how beautiful a memory you created.

Walks. It's picturesque, quiet and soothing. Explore the place with your partner with slow walks when the first rays of the sun kiss the land.

Festivals. Every place has its own indigenous festivals. Families are more close-knit there than in cities. Undoubtedly, there would be games, food, dance and an activity unique to that place. Dive into that culture. Don't be shy. You both can go crazy and no one says anything.

Food. Cooking is an art that artists across the world have creatively modified. You can't taste it all. But you can't miss something that you get nowhere else in the world! Ask around and find that exotic food. Don't forget the combination because every special dish is a celebration and celebrations can't go without partners.

Souvenirs. Every place has its own identity. You just cannot miss buying or get something that would remind you of that place. If you find nothing, pluck 2 leaves of a plant/tree you've never seen before. Put one in your book/diary and the other in one of your partner's.

So, go ahead and enjoy being a couple in the countryside!