Curvy Girls, Say Hello to Summer Dates!

Curvy Girls, Say Hello to Summer Dates!

Summer is a great season for EVERY BODY! The truth is that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and plenty of men are looking for curvy women. Many singles are ready to have some fun in the summer heat and what better way to do that than summer dating?!

For you curvy girls, summer is here and it’s the perfect time to start dating! It’s never been easier for you to find a date to enjoy the outdoors, laugh through the night, and explore new places!

Your curves are beautiful and you should be happy because there’s someone out there for you to date. They’ll love you for who you are. By having a positive body image when you start dating it shows you have confidence and love towards yourself.

Follow These Body Positive Instagram Accounts

Look at this beautiful, curvy girl Aliss Bonython on Instagram.

Aliss is a self love queen who makes the world a better place with her body positivity. She flaunts her curves in swimsuits and amazing summer outfits!

Check out Rosey Blair, who lives in Dallas, Texas. She blogs about plus size fashion and has her own YouTube channel where she talks about body positivity. Rosey has a boyfriend who loves her regardless of her size and they are such a cute couple! Follow Rosey Blair on all her social media platforms.

Another beautiful, curvy girl is Jamie Hamilton She is a plus size swimsuit model with amazing curves! She is a body positive swimsuit party organizer for other models just like her.

She models in vintage clothing and swimwear which she pulls off the look so well. Jamie is a great body positive advocate so make sure to follow her on all social media platforms.

Easy Tips for Fun Summer Dating

The Internet is full of bad advice for curvy women looking to date. Dating as a plus sized women is not an easy thing. It’s understandable because the media tells you that being fat is not okay and that bigger bodies are ugly. Plus, there’s a lack of help for plus sized women who want to date often and effectively.

Here are a few tips for dating:

1.Be willing to take risks even if it means rejection. If there is a cute person you’re attracted to then approach them. It’s OK if you get rejected.

2. Promote your flaws. There’s nothing copulationier than a person who’s comfortable in their own skin. From the beginning flaunt your flaws, picking summer outfits.

3. Go on dates that make you visible. Find a partner that isn’t afraid of showing you off. Wear that cute summer dress and have fun going out!

4. Recognize being desired rather than fetishized. Your size is beautiful but don’t make sure your partner loves who you are rather than just your size. You want someone attracted to you rather than the fatness of your body.

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8 Super Fun Summer Date Ideas

What would a summer fling be without the perfect dates? With so many adventurous, fun and outdoor activities, there’s no shortage of fun dates. Here’s a list of amazing summer date ideas for curvy girls:

Go camping

Make it an overnight or weekend trip. If you’re feeling lazy just camp in your backyard. Bonus if you make s’mores.

Attend a pool party.

Some people never think a pool party would be a safe space for their bodies but there’s a great list of plus-sized pool parties that you can find here.

Go on a picnic.

Find a nice, quiet place and enjoy each other’s company over wine and food. These food ideas are perfect to bring to your outdoor date.

Bake a cake.

Cookies are for amateurs. Turn on a baking show to get inspired and you’ll be sure to laughing the whole time!

Mini Golf.

Show off your competitive side and play a few rounds of mini golf. If you want things to get interesting, place bets and whoever wins gets a surprise!

Go see a movie outside.

If there’s a drive-in nearby go to that and have an old-fashioned make out session. Trucks work the best for this just bring a blow up mattress and cuddle up while you watch!

Curvy girls should feel embraced and enjoy the fun of dating. The good thing is that WooPlus has single men who appreciate and want curvy girls.

WooPlus is a body positive space to meet cool and like-minded people, where curvy girls are at the center of it. Your body is beautiful in every way. Love yourself and your curves!