It's that time of year again - time for us to crawl out of our holes, where we've been wrapped in blankets and sweatpants to protect against the winter (and honestly, spring) cold.

Bid cozy fireside trysts and playful snowball fights goodbye! We're ready for beachside romance and making flirty s'mores over a campfire, thank you very much.

Looking for a fun way get your summer lovin' on? Here are 12 date ideas that will let you and your date get the most out of those summer nights.

1. Watch a flick to the drive-in.

Go old fashioned and roll up to a drive-in movie theater! If you and your date are movie lovers, then you'll geek out over the retro wonderfulness that is the drive-in.

There's something about the big screen projector and streaming in the audio through your radio that's incredibly charming! Plus, tailgating the movie is an absolute blast and your traditional movie theater snacks taste a million times better in the nighttime air.

2. Volunteer together.

Granted, you can do this all year round, but summer weather gives you the opportunity to volunteer in a whole new way! Try organizations like Habitat for Humanity that will let you and your date lend a helping hand in building structures (like homes, schools, etc.) for people in need.

You'll help your community, enjoy the gorgeous summer weather, and grow closer through your act of kindness.

3. Have a grill-off.

Debating who's the superior griller? Let's find out! Go head-to-head in a grill-off for the ages. No matter who wins, you'll both get to enjoy some quality grilling at the end of your battle.

4. Do some food truck hopping.

In today's day and age, food trucks make it easy for us to make a day (or evening) of sampling various, delicious foods. Download an app like Roaming Hunger and follow your stomach from one yummy food truck to the next.

5. Rent some time on open waters.

Love being on the water but don't have a boat to call your own? Never fear, you can rent the vessel of your choice for hours at a time! Search for kayak, canoe, or boat rentals in the area, go halfsies on the price, and enjoy a sunny day on the water.

6. Have a picnic dinner.

There's no better way to enjoy summer weather and summer food than combining the two into the ultimate date night: a lovely picnic. Whether you're going to pick up the food from the store or a restaurant, or make it yourself at home, enjoy your food with some scenic views.

7. Enjoy a long hike.

Looking for an athletic date that'll get your heart pumping - maybe in more ways than one? Take advantage of the great outdoors and go hiking with your partner. Check out a website like AllTrails to get the details on hiking trails near you!

8. Hit up a beer garden.

Nothing says summer quite like enjoying a cold one on the porch. No porch to speak of? That's alright! Beer gardens are essentially public patios where you can go with your friends (or in this case, your #1 lady or man) and try different kinds of beer, usually with fun lighting and live music.

Oh, think of the Instagrams you'll have and the delicious beer you'll taste!

9. Rent bikes for the day.

This one depends on where you and your date call home, but you can pretty much rent bikes anywhere! Some parts of the world just might be more ideal for biking excursions than others.

Renting a couple bikes is usually super cheap and you can cover more ground on two wheels than you can on two feet! For extra fun, combine this idea with #6 and bike to a perfect picnic spot.

10. Wander around the farmer's market.

You could get lost in the glorious farmer's market for hours, right? Well, why not bring your date along and make a day of it! Sample yummy foods and drinks, chat with interesting people, and enjoy the sunny weather as you window-shop your way through a local market.

11. Tube down a river.

Both exciting, unique, and sometimes relaxing, river tubing is one of the most fun outdoor dates you'll ever go on. That is, if you don't mind some sudden currents, you've applied plenty of sunscreen, and you're willing to tie the knot - in the rope that will keep your tubes together, of course!

12. Go camping.

Now, camping doesn't mean you have to drive miles to your nearest patch of grassy wilderness. Oh no.

While that's always a fun (and technically correct) way to enjoy summer weather, camping can be done anywhere! In your backyard, in the park down the street ( might have to check some local laws for that one...), or even in your living room! All you really need is a tent, plenty of s'mores materials, and one big sleeping bag for some serious cuddling.

Image credit: Deposit Photos