Dating while being LGBTQ can not only be difficult for those who are, but it can be equally difficult, if not more so, for those who aren't. What do I mean by that? I mean that we do not live in a world in which everyone is free to be different. There is a lot of judgment and hate towards anyone who is different, and those who are LGBTQ are no exception.

It should come as no surprise then if there are those who debate whether or not it is safe to be openly LGBTQ. Now that it is legal in many states for those who are LGBTQ to get married, it may be that some who are LGBTQ are still hesitant to date openly. Is it still possible to date while being LGBTQ, and if so, how?

1. Understand What Being LGBTQ Means For You

Simply put, you should understand why you are LGBTQ in the first place and what it is about the community that speaks to you. Is it the freedom to love anyone regardless of their gender, the community of open-minded people, or the allure of a risk taker who is not afraid to try new things?

It is very important to also note that many of those who claim to be LGBTQ may, in fact, have been sexually abused while growing up. This may seem like a choice for them to become LGBTQ, but it may not be. With that in mind, it can take some time for those individuals to have a concrete sexual orientation. Knowing why you are LGBTQ is helpful as you find someone else who is. Once you know this, you can take the next step and find a support group.

2. Find A Support Group

Dating while being LGBTQ comes with many benefits as well as many risks. That is why if you want to date and are LGBTQ, then you will want to find a support group. It is only possible to date others who are LGBTQ if you have others to rely upon should you be rejected by family, friends, and even by those whom you may look up to.

Support groups are filled with resources and people who can help guide you to accept your decision to be open about your sexuality, and it is also good to know that you are safe in this way than you would be on your own. Support groups may help you connect with friends who are LGBTQ, and who knows, you may decide to date someone you meet there. If that is the case, then you may want to check out LGBTQ events.

3. Check Out LGBTQ Events

If you make friends at support groups or anywhere else, there are places to go for fun first date ideas. For example, at an LGBTQ event. Fun first date ideas don't have to be the usual dinner and a movie. Try going to gay clubs, bars, pride walks, and even try going to LGBTQ events held at local colleges.

Ideas like these may make you and your date feel comfortable and accepted. One of the biggest risks of doing this may be that people will discourage such behavior since there are still many people who are not keen on people being LGBTQ in the first place. That is why it is important to stick with a group of friends at the beginning when you are still checking out such events if you and your date are new to them.

Being LGBTQ doesn’t have to mean living in secret or never finding a suitable partner. Being LGBTQ is all about finding love that works for you, and there are others out there who are waiting to find someone like you, as long as you are comfortable being who you are, have support at the ready should you need it, and are willing to check out some local events. Perhaps what may soon be an option for you and your date is that both of you may be able to date openly wherever you go without fear of judgment or shame. Until that time arrives, all you can do is show others the same type of love that you hope to receive one day.

Image credit: pexels