When it comes to finding things to do on the weekend, it can be hard to plan the perfect date. If you enjoy traveling or doing physical activities, you might want to consider going on a day hike, especially if you have a great place to explore nature nearby.

At the same time, you may also choose to take a couple’s trip simply to hike some of the extraordinary trails that the U.S. has to offer. No matter how you decide to plan a day hike with your significant other, these locations are some of the most beautiful in the country and they will offer as much physical activity as they do a romantic setting for you to enjoy nature together.

Grand Canyon National Park

Unsurprisingly, the Grand Canyon tops the list of stunning day hikes that you simply have to experience. While there are certainly a number of activities that you can take part in when it comes to experiencing the wonder that is the Grand Canyon, there are plenty trails that offer couples (or singles) an exceptional day hike.

Among the available options for hiking trails are the Bright Angel Trail, the North Kaibab Trail, Tanner Trail, Ken Patrick Trail, and so many more. Of course, with so many options, you may be wondering which you shoul try. Here are two suggestions that will afford you with some stunning views and a look at the Grand Canyon you will never forget.

First, there is the Bright Angel Trail, which is a 12-mile round trip hiking excursion, depending on how far you actually want to travel. This is a seasonal trail that does offer some shade, but it is important to still be prepared and remember that there will be ice at certain times during the year.

The second-day hike trail at the Grand Canyon National Park is the North Kaibab Trail. This trail offers more than one option, with the longest being four miles round trip. Although neither trail is all that difficult, warmer months can bring the heat when it comes to being at the lower elevations of the path. However, it is the splendor of nature that we care about here and the views along the path are said to be some of the most stunning in the park.

Pinhoti National Recreation Trail

This trail found outside of Birmingham, Alabama offers more than 100 miles of beauty to discover. Whether you are traveling in the valleys or the mountains, there are so many different areas to explore, even on short day hikes, that this is a treasure no matter how often you go.

Besides its beauty and the solitude of streams and winding paths, there is also a lot of legend and history that makes up this unique hiking trail. This is particularly true in the area associated with the Talladega National Forest.

Ultimately, this is the kind of hike that is perfect for people looking for a weekend away or just an all-day hike with their partner. With so much ground to cover, this could be the kind of place where every visit is a new discovery.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is a must visit for nature lovers. With its grove of giant sequoia trees (which is awe-inspiring both as a nature lover and a history lover) and the multitude of waterfalls, there is beauty at every turn in Yosemite.

In terms of trails for day hike excursions, there are actually two great options, both relatively short, but still jam-packed with stunning scenery. The two trails day hikers may want to explore are May Lake and Vernal & Nevada Falls.

The May Lake trail travels around the lake for a roundtrip hike of 2.5 miles. Not only do you get the stunning views of the lake itself, but also amazing looks at all of Yosemite.

The Vernal & Nevada Falls trail is either three miles around to the Vernal Falls or seven miles to Nevada Falls. Whichever choice you make means beautiful fall views, between two and five hours of alone time (not including other hikers you may encounter along the way), and a look at Yosemite that needs to be seen to be believed.

Acadia National Park

Head to Maine for this stunning park with its beautiful trails, with much of the park being located off the coast on Mount Desert Island (with other bits of the park on the smaller surrounding islands), this location has some stunning seasonal views. In fact, if you head there in the fall, you are guaranteed a kaleidoscope of foliage.

The Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail is something not to be missed. This is a hike up the park’s tallest mountain, but it is also a truly steep hike. While you can’t go in the very heart of winter, the park and this trail are still accessible most of the year.

The Ocean Path trail is actually a very easy hike that anyone can handle. Not only are the views impressive as you follow the jagged coast between Sand Beach and Otter Point, but there are impressive landmarks to appreciate along the way. Overall, this is an expedition that every nature lover who enjoys an impressive hike should do at least once.

While there are plenty of additional hikes across the country (with a number of impressive choices in Alaska), these mainland options are some of the most historical, stunning, and truly beautiful destinations for couples looking to hike together in order to appreciate all of nature’s splendor.

Image Credit: Pixabay