Dindr is the latest app that promises to help users with food and dating.
Many apps help people find love. Dindr is an app that helps people find love and a nice restaurant to meet their dates.

The Austin-based app is available on iOS and Android. It was co-founded by Zachary Casler, a food blogger, and photographer. Dindr started as an app to help users find restaurants. After discovering users were using the site to meet up and date, Casler decided to make Dindr a matchmaking site.

He created the Dindr app to be more personal so users would be more encouraged to meet face to face. “We want our community to spend less time on the screen, and more time face-to-face,” Casler said to Eater Austin.

“We’re focused on creating a dating environment driven by respect and a return to the basics,” Casler said in a statement. “Currently, online dating lacks common courtesy; people are tired of swiping endlessly, dead-end chats and never meeting up. It’s not fun for ladies or gents alike; we need a better way to date, so we’re making it,”added Casler.

Users can create bios on the app that lists three things they can't live without and their three favorite kinds of food. Dindr lets users meet matches three times a day: at noon, 3 PM, and 7 PM in ten-minute windows. Users can swipe left or right to see other users but narrows the Tinder-like search to select only one match at a time.

Once a match is selected, the couple can chat and set up a date for that same day.Dindr suggests three restaurants near the couple that they can go to on their first date. Restaurants are suggested via Yelp, local food bloggers, and future restaurant sponsorships.

The Dindr algorithm makes sure that users that have similar tastes in food can connect. “It’s how it’s been done for generations,” said Casler in a press release. “Sharing similar tastes helps form strong relationships; when you share a meal, you connect in a way that has withstood the test of time.”

The carefully curated app is an interesting way to connect foodies looking for love. Dindr looks like it's a mixture of AI-driven statistics and old-fashioned romance. The perfect algorithm matches people, but finding a place to eat that same day increases the likelihood of making a real connection on a date.

Dindr could potentially be a game-changing app that brings people together over their mutual love of food. Food is an integral part of peoples' lives, and Dindr users can find a new mate over a shared interest in the same cuisine.

Dindr takes the guesswork out of where to go on a date and makes online dating a fun journey with fellow foodies instead of rushed and endless swiping to find love. Dindr may finally be the app to help foodies looking for real dates find " love at first bite."