Tel Aviv is an incredibly healthy city. Fun fact: Israel, in general, has more people who choose a vegan lifestyle per capita than any other nation in the world. But beyond food and nutrition, an active lifestyle is encouraged and almost unavoidable in Tel Aviv. Whether it's a small change or a larger commitment, staying physically in shape will work wonders on your body and your mind. Let's see how Tel Aviv does it.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Gyms


Like many cities, Tel Aviv has a plethora of outdoor gyms. It's almost impossible to go a whole day without seeing at least one if not more, even when you're at the beach, so take advantage of it! The gyms range in size and amount of equipment, but you’ll generally see a rowing machine, stationary bike, and a few different weight machines. The great thing about the gyms are that you can easily use the machines for a few minutes and continue about your day. But, if you'd like a more difficult workout, most machines can be used in many different ways, with instructions on almost every machine.



Tel Aviv is a pretty flat city and compared to other metropolises is relatively small. Combined, these are two great reasons to choose to walk around this beautiful city! Although taking a bus won't cost you much, it is not always the most reliable means of transportation. If a bus is too crowded or if you don't wave at the bus driver as it approaches the stop, there is a good chance it'll drive right past you. A great way to avoid that is to simply walk to your destination. Especially with Tel Aviv traffic, it's likely you'll get to where you need to go in the same time you would have spent on the bus. And with so many tree lined avenues with plenty of funky seating and outdoor hammocks to rest in along the way, walking is definitely worth it.

Join A Beach Volleyball Game


People in Tel Aviv love to play beach volleyball; or any sport on the beach for that matter. Regardless of the season or time of day, you will be hard pressed not to find a game of some sort happening on the beach. Although it can be a bit nerve wracking, ask to join a game! Israelis are really friendly and will most likely invite you to play before you even ask. Even if you don't know the rules of the game, most Israelis are always willing to teach you. Exercising on the beach not only pushes you harder physically, but you'll have an amazing view with new friends.