How Good Is the Food of Chelsea Market Restaurants?

How Good Is the Food of Chelsea Market Restaurants?

As a foodie living in New York City, I want to highlight one of my favorite spots for food, entertainment, and shopping: Chelsea Market. The market holds a prime location right on the Hudson River and boasts a huge variety of incredible food options and unique shops.

From specialty coffee shops like Ninth Street Espresso and Chalait—which is a major attraction for matcha lovers—to the best ramen stand in the city, to my most favorite gelateria—L’Arte del Gelato—there is enough here to keep you occupied for days.

For lunch

While there is an enormous variety of lunch spots in the Market, my personal recommendation would have to be Very Fresh Noodles. They make the dough and pull their own noodles right in front of your eyes at this quaint ramen stand. You pick your protein and spice level and they serve up a bowl of piping hot ramen you won’t soon forget. Very Fresh Noodles has taken Manhattan by storm, having been profiled by the New York Times and gathering a cult following on Instagram.

Need a coffee break?

Try Chalait. I personally am a huuuge matcha fan, so seeing the amount of matcha based items on their menu sent butterflies into my stomach. I settled on a basic, iced matcha latte and was not disappointed. Chalait boasts some of the best matcha I have ever tasted—and believe me, I’m always on the lookout. Grab a drink here and sit down for a casual date or continue to explore the Market. Either way, you’ll be refreshed in the best way.

Have a sweet tooth?

Stop by L’Arte del Gelato. With flavors ranging from nocciola to mascarpone to stracciatella and beyond, and a stand that is awfully reminiscent of an old-world gelateria, L’Arte is one of a kind. The first time I tried their gelato was in 2015 and I absolutely fell in love. Literally. My exact words were, “If I could I would marry this gelato right now.” Over two years later, they keep me coming back for my gelato fix.

Looking for unique gifts or souvenirs?

There is a multitude of shops dispersed throughout the Market. From one-of-a-kind, boutique sunglasses and jewelry to hand-stamped pouches and stationary, there is something for every shopper. On my last trip to Manhattan, I picked up a vintage Metallica t-shirt and a few records in the Artists and Fleas section of the Market. This area of the Market is particularly unique, with the guys at the record stand spinning tracks live and a plethora of sellers with interesting wares and even more fascinating stories, if you take the time to stop for a conversation.

Beyond the few spots highlighted above, Chelsea Market is home to tacos, incredible Italian dishes (which can be packed to-go), crepes, a few wine outlets—which periodically offer wine tastings and classes, doughnuts, and SO much more. Chelsea Market is a one stop shop for you, your date, and whoever else decides to tag along.

Chelsea Market is also planning to add more fresh produce options in the coming year, besides their already popular Indie Fresh, Dickson’s Farmstand, and Manhattan Fruit Exchange. For those living in or near Chelsea, which will be a great addition to the neighborhood as an option for organic and (mostly) local produce.