Sex is an incredibly intimate thing to experience with a partner. It's a moment where the two of you connect on an intense level, and the outside world is completely forgotten.

Sex relieves stress, puts you in a better mood, and is said to prevent cancer, improved heart health, better sleep, and glowing skin. In other terms, sex is healthy for you. So it's no wonder that sex plays a big role regarding relationships.

With that being said, there are some complications that may arise when having sex. And I'm not talking about the breaking of a condom - although that is a tough problem. I'm talking about experiencing such intense pain during sex that it makes the act almost impossible.

Who wants to experience something like that, especially during a time where you're supposed to be experiencing intense pleasure?

I'm not a doctor, but here is are some reasons that might explain why you're experiencing pain during sex. If any of these of things described like something you're experiencing, I would suggest talking your doctor about it.

1. Not Being Adequately Lubricated

The worst thing is feeling like there's a raging desert storm beneath your legs. Being properly lubricated is the best way to combat this.

So I would suggest taking your time with foreplay. There's no need to rush right into penetration. Keep this in mind: sex is a marathon, meant to be broken into parts and taken slowly.

No need to finish the race as fast as possible if you know what I mean. If natural lubrication isn't enough, you can buy a water based lubricant.

2. Vaginal Infections

An infection down there is something incredibly uncomfortable to endure and hard to talk about. Vaginal infections, otherwise known as Vaginitis, are another reason why sex might be painful for you.

The most common ones are bacterial vaginosis, Candida (yeast infections), Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions and yeast infections can be very common. Anything your vagina comes in contact with that changes its pH level can cause a yeast infection. For example, new soaps, lotions, and certain clothing material can be abrasive.

3. You're In The Wrong Position

Do you find yourself always resorting to doggy style or your partner on top?

Some positions are just more comfortable than others. So it may be that you might want to spice up the way you approach sex.

Certain angles could be hitting your cervix the wrong way.

A suggestion I have to be the one on top. Despite being incredibly hot being in control, it also allows you to choose how deep to go, and at what pace. Both of these things can help you stay relaxed and allow you to enjoy the sex.

No matter what the problem is, the biggest piece of advice I can give is to communicate with your partner about what's happening with you.

If you're experiencing pain in a certain position, ask to switch. If you're in too much pain to continue having sex, just ask to stop.

The last thing you want to do is feel like you HAVE to have sex with your partner. If they're not understanding or willing to accommodate your needs, you may want to take some time to reevaluate your relationship.