Thinking about some new late night date ideas? If you are, trying tantra may be just what you need. For those who do not know, tantra is about the energy of the mind and body, increasing intimacy and creating powerful orgasms. Sounds exciting, right? That’s because tantra is not a form of sex commonly talked about in today’s society, even though the practice of it has been around for a while, which makes it even more appealing! So whether or not you have a partner for tonight, here are some late night date ideas for when you want to try something a little bit exotic.

1. Breathwork

Like with meditation, breathwork is a must. In order to be proficient at tantra, you must know how to ground yourself by doing mindful breathing techniques. This is also beneficial for those working with a partner because the two of you can learn to breathe in unison and to let go of any tension. It may seem silly to do at first, but after a while, you may actually start to feel something shift in how you breathe.

To start, make sure that your environment is comfortable. Next, sit down so that you are facing your partner, but make sure to give each other enough space. Remember to sit up straight and with your arms and shoulders relaxed. Then begin inhaling through your nose for a few seconds and then exhaling through your mouth. Notice your breath as it is in this moment. Is your breath shallow or steady? Are you feeling your breath reside in your chest or in your stomach? Do you feel refreshed after each exhale? Is each exhale shorter or longer than the inhale? Breathwork is very important to master because it forces you to think, therefore connecting your mind to your body. You may take as long as you like with this step.

2. Chakras

Are you experiencing any stress in your body? If so, where? Going through the 7 chakras will help you navigate any stress and to let go of it. These 7 chakras start with your root chakra, then on to your sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and finally your crown chakra. The 7 chakras are another way to ground yourself at the moment and to feel your body and all the sensations as you go along, thus reaching your highest spiritual self. If you think about sex as something spiritual and not just physical, then you are on your way towards understanding what tantra is all about. Do not rush this process, rather, just let it be natural as you take the time to really notice any discomfort in your body.

3. Sensations

What would tantra be like if the five senses, such as sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell were not involved? The reason to work on the chakras is to be in a state of allowing. Sensations may be stronger when in this state. You can do all sorts of things, from using sexy lingerie, a feather, the taste of wine, or the scent of chocolate, either by yourself or with a partner. The point is to get your body aroused in all the senses.

4. Foreplay

I would suggest starting out gently since tantra is not about performance, but rather about unity. By yourself, foreplay is about experiencing and celebrating you. With a partner, you can have your partner give your body a massage starting from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, excluding any erogenous zones until the end. Make sure to spend enough time on each part of the body. Then, when you are ready, switch places.

5. Sexual intercourse

This part does not need to be anything other than what you feel comfortable with.

Tantra can be experienced in many other ways, but this may be more of what a beginner may choose to explore first, so feel free to explore other options. Also, tantra may or may not be for everyone, so if your partner enjoys it and you don’t or vice versa, do not feel as though you must join them.

image credit: [pexels]