As 2017 comes to an end, it is time to make 2018 a year of healthy eating. Whether you want to save some money from not eating out, lose some weight by cutting out unhealthy foods, or just treat your body better, here are the top healthy food blogs you should follow to help you accomplish that.

A Couple Cooks


Sonja and Alex believe in simple, no-frills, healthy food that you can make at home. Their vegetarian recipes from scratch may sound intimidating at first, but they are written so that anyone can make them. Sonja and Alex went from eating fast and frozen food to dinners made from scratch within months, so their recipes are definitely not lacking in taste. From their gluten-free Dark Chocolate Cherry Quinoa Bark to their Coconut Curry Shakshuka to their Vegan Banana French Toast, you are bound to find a recipe that suits what you are in the mood to eat. In addition to their blog, they also have a podcast, in which they invite all sorts of guests from local chefs to gardeners to talk about healthy eating and their inspirations, and a cookbook with even more recipes out.

Everyday Annie (formerly known as Annie Eats)


Everyday Annie is a blog written by Annie Marshall. Started in 2007 under the name of Annie Eats, a blog dedicated exclusively to healthy recipes, Everyday Annie has expanded to include lifestyle tips, such as exercise tips and crafts, fashion trends, and travel recommendations and ideas. Since Annie has small children, she also has recipes that are fun and kid-friendly. However, she did not leave out the adults either. With recipes ranging from strawberry popsicles to blood orange mojitos, it is not hard to find a recipe to please everyone at your dinner party. In addition to recipes, she also has “how to” guides to making basic things, such as croutons and ricotta cheese.

The Domestic Man


Russ Crandall publishes gluten-free and paleo diet friendly recipes every Tuesday. He started this blog in 2010 when he realized how much-processed junk modern humans put into their bodies today. His recipes usually focus on locally grown vegetables, starches, and protein, such as grass-fed red meats, pastured pork, free-range poultry, and wild or sustainably-caught seafood. Instead of sugar, he uses honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and grated fruit or fruit juices. In addition to this blog, he also has two cookbooks out, The Ancestral Table: Paleo Recipes for a Traditional Lifestyle and Paleo Takeout: Restaurant Favorites without the Junk, a New York Times bestseller. If you want to simplify your diet and cut out processed and refined foods, check out The Domestic Man.

The Healthy Apple


After nearly dying from c-diff colitis, Amie Valpone promised to herself that if she made it out of the hospital alive, she would turn her life around and help others, which is exactly what she is doing with The Healthy Apple. She has spent over a decade struggling with chronic health issues such as Lyme disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism, leaky gut syndrome, mold toxicity, small intestine bacteria overgrowth, hormonal imbalances, and more until she took matters into her own hands and did her own research. Amie Valpone believes that food can strengthen your body, cleanse your body of toxins, and help fight off diseases. On her blog, you can find a variety of foods ranging from grain-free desserts to kid-friendly anti-inflammatory tapas, to sauces and condiments that you can use to pair with her recipes. In addition to recipes, she also has home remedies including guides to help reduce inflammation in your body and how you can ease seasonal allergies, a few travel tips and recommendations, and mind-body activities to help you with distressing. If you are currently struggling with some health problems, definitely check out Amie’s blog for a few homeopathic remedies.

Dad With A Pan


Derek Campanile’s goal with this blog is to give all the moms a night off in the kitchen and help continue the tradition of getting a family together during dinner for a healthy, home-cooked meal. He notes that only 23% of families today sit together during a meal and hopes that his blog can help raise this percentage. In addition to the usual American fare, he also has a wide range of recipes that span from the Mediterranean to Mexican to Asian and Italian. Not only that, he has posts entitled “Family Activities That Remind You How Much You Love Them” and “Backpack Essentials For Your Toddler’s First Day Of Preschool – By A Toddler” that appeal to all dads, whether it is of a teenager leaving to college or a newborn child.

Hopefully, these blogs will help you start off your 2018 healthier and happier!