On February 2, it is National Crepe Day, and while there are plenty of days throughout the year associated with certain products or foods, there is an actual history behind this particular celebration. Although the primary focus might be on the deliciousness that is crepes, there is more to the story than just enjoying the sweet or savory cousin to the pancake.

The history of National Crepe Day actually brings its story to an international level. In France, the day is actually a religious holiday known as La Chandeleur. While there is plenty of history to the holiday itself, including a number of pagan traditions and even the presentation of Jesus in Jerusalem at the temple, the simple explanation for why the day is all about the crepes, stems from the fact that it was a good way for the people of France to finish up the excess wheat they had prior to the start of the new harvest cycle. Plus, crepes were said to look a lot like the sun, and with the days beginning to get longer again, the crepe was a way to celebrate the new harvest and the sun itself. With both a religious and harvest-based history, National Crepe Day is more than just a day to get one’s eat on.

While the history of National Crepe Day might have begun in France, this does not necessarily mean that the tradition has stayed there. Instead, the world has caught on to the celebration of La Chandeleur, and this means that crepes lovers get to appreciate this versatile food just like the people of France have for so long. If one truly wants to celebrate the holiday for themselves, there are some traditions that need to be adhered to, particularly the superstitious ones.

Among the superstitions associated with La Chandeleur is the fact that people should only be eating crepes in the evening. For good luck, it is said that one should be holding the crepe pan in their right hand when tossing it, and the left hand should contain a piece of gold. While there are plenty of old traditions associated with the holiday, this does not mean that you have to stick to tradition in order to celebrate the day of the crepe.

If you are lucky enough to have a local crepe place, it may be best to let the professionals make the crepes and appreciate their ability to make the perfect savory or sweet dish. Instead of trying to toss a crepe with one hand while holding gold in the other, you may want to find out if your local creperie is planning to celebrate National Crepe Day. Plus, with so many flavor options, it may be best to let someone else put together the perfection that is the crepe.

Across the United States, there are likely to be a number of crepe places who are planning to celebrate the holiday with their own take on the traditions of La Chandeleur. Whether they are offering free crepes, discounted specials or even an all-day celebration, there are sure to be plenty of places looking to bring the French holiday to the rest of the world.

While some crepe places may choose to post any of their sales or celebrations in regards to National Crepe Day in-store only, it should be easy enough to find out if your local creperie is doing something special. Below we have two creperies who have posted their events online and even included a link to each location in an effort to help inspire you to get your crepe on.

Get Your Crepe On Here:

In Dallas, Texas, Whisk Crêpes Café is celebrating National Crepe Day with an all-day event running from 8 AM to 9 PM, on February 2, 2018. Not only is the café planning to play classic French music throughout the day, but there will also be a raffle for t-shirts and of course there are the crepes themselves. Patrons will be able to order $2 French ciders and wines and even get $2 Nutella or Butter-Sugar crepes. With a wonderful café experience, delicious crepes, and a holiday to celebrate, Whisk is going to be the place to be to celebrate National Crepe Day.

In both Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona, The Crepe Club is also celebrating National Crepe Day with free crepes. On February 2, between 2 and 5 PM, The Crepe Club will be offering guests a free Nutella or Parisian crepe. The offer is good for “take away only” and is limited to one per person.

So it may be time to get your crepe on and find out what your own local creperie is doing to honor National Crepe Day. I know I will.

Image by stu_spivack via Flickr