Have you ever wanted to create easy recipes for two, but was at a loss on what to make, and even if you knew what your friend wanted you still couldn't agree with them? Well, with the example for the easy recipes for two, there still is a very important lesson to take from that, and that lesson is all about boundaries, more specifically, healthy boundaries.

In this article, I want to explore the idea of healthy boundaries regarding the sexuality of children, because their healthy boundaries include far more than deciding on what to eat.

For many generations, parents from all backgrounds have been raising their children and teaching them about sex so as not to get or get someone else pregnant, but do those same children know about healthy boundaries, what consent actually means, the differences between love and intimacy, the dangers of dating, and knowing how to discover their own sexuality and their bodies in a safe and loving way? In this article, I will go over each concern with a few examples of how I believe parents should teach their children instead.

Healthy Boundaries

What is consent? This is the beginning of knowing what is and what is not acceptable to you and whether or not you think it is healthy to keep as a boundary, a.k.a, preference. Consent is about voicing what you want or don’t want in a mature way so as to convey to the other person, or even to yourself, what you are ok with.

This means saying yes or no, but understand that no means no and yes means yes. Healthy Boundaries are what parents should be teaching their children from the very beginning of their lives, from what kind of foods they like, to what kind of fun they wish to have with other children of similar ages.

When it comes to healthy boundaries regarding the child’s own body, they should be taught about consent and what healthy boundaries are, what to do when they are indecisive and what to do when abuse occurs. Children are prone to be abused in many ways, and they will need their parents to protect them.

If their parents remain uneducated and unaware of any dangers their children face, their children may have to brave the world alone until they can deal with the truth and not be ashamed of it, which for some children, may be too late.

Love vs. Intimacy

Relationships are the most important part of a child’s life since children need to have a social circle, get along with adults and to become an adult one day as well. Knowing the differences between love and intimacy is very important for the growth of any child.

Love is all about choosing to love someone as you choose to love yourself. Intimacy is all about trying in every way to understand someone else. Both love and intimacy may involve learning about sex, but neither love or intimacy is all about sex. Sex is just a byproduct of love and intimacy, and it should be special, and something two adults should consent to.

The Dangers of Dating

Predators lurk in every corner of the world, and parents need to watch out for the dangers when their children want to start dating. For instance, online dating is becoming increasingly more popular, so parents will need to monitor their children when they are online.

Dating can be a great tool to meet new people, but children may make friends with the wrong sort of people because they are trusting of other people and want to please other people to be accepted in this world.

Parents should allow their children to go outside to meet new people and to know about the dangers of dating beforehand. This way, the parents and the child may feel better knowing that they are able to go about their life with the knowledge that they gain.

How to Discover Your Sexuality and Body in a Safe and Loving Way

Every person no matter who has every right to discover the most private and sensitive parts of their body. Children should be taught that it is ok to explore their body and to discover the beauty of what it can do.

However, parents should be warned to make sure that their children do so in a safe environment and in a safe and loving way, or else their child may become inappropriate in public or will abuse their own bodies if they no longer love what they see.

Children should never feel ashamed for learning about themselves and for loving themselves, so it is very important that parents do not make their children grow up to be too sheltered.

Image credit: pixabay