Without trust, you could never fully appreciate any relationship you may get into. You may always prefer to be by yourself if this is the case. Romantic relationships are one of the hardest to maintain high levels of trust. Sure, you may have a lot of romantic things to do to keep both of you occupied, but trust will be at the core of the relationship, especially since feelings are involved.

That isn't to say that trust isn't to be found in platonic or work relationships, but not many people will build their life centered around these types of relationships. Romantic things to do should be fun, and with trust, it may be one of the best experiences of your life.

1. Develop a healthy relationship with yourself.

If you cannot trust even yourself, then you will have great difficulty in being able to trust others. Begin by learning how to build a healthy relationship with yourself by respecting your wants and needs and by going after what it is that makes you happy. When you are in a good place in life, you will attract others who are feeling the same. Together you may go to places you never dreamed of.

2. Do what you say and say what you mean.

If other people can count on you and you on them, then trust will rarely fail you in these circumstances. Trusting people will be easier if you are reliable and honest, especially about your intentions. Many people make the mistake of taking on more than they can handle, so it is very important to know your limits and to be specific as you follow your joy.

3. Be consistent.

Every trustworthy person has always been consistent with what made them trustworthy in the first place. Think about how you may have stuck it out in school, a job interview you had to work hard at to earn, a team you helped to win in a competition, etc. Being consistent is more likely to not only keep you on track with your goals but to achieve them steadily and surely.

4. Be kind.

Most people want to trust someone who has good intentions for others as well as for themselves. To be kind is to be considerate of the feelings of others and to not exploit people for unnecessary things. Kind people are not always trustworthy, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be trusted for the things that really matter.

5. Always listen to others as you would do the same for yourself.

This does not mean that you should do everything you are told, this simply means that you should lend your ear as a way to understand someone because you would surely want others to hear you when you want to be understood as well.

6. Sometimes detours may be necessary, but always communicate it the first chance you get.

There comes a time in life when emergencies happen. For this reason, it is very important to communicate any detours that will occur so that any confusion or panic decreases. If you can trust someone in this way, then chances are higher that you can trust them with even more difficult situations. This may actually be a good determination of whether or not your relationship with yourself and with others is on a good path or not, and where it may need work in order to survive.

7. Repair trust quickly.

If you truly care about someone and how they feel whenever trust is broken or about to break, you should want to do everything that you can to repair the relationship as quickly as is possible to avoid being blamed for not caring about the other person or for not caring about what led to the break in trust. It can take a long time to rebuild trust with anyone, but it can only take one instance to break it almost entirely unless you are with someone who can find good things in bad situations, which is rare.

8. Never allow a good relationship to slip away without ending it on a good note.

A closure may or may not be necessary for everyone, but do try to end all relationships on a positive note so that you both can look forward to better ones in the future without resentment. Relationships that end on a positive note are more fulfilling in the long-term and can also increase your chances of wanting to keep that someone in your life, even if as a friend.

image credit: everypixel