How to End Friends with Benefits Relationships Nicely

How to End Friends with Benefits Relationships Nicely

Having friends with benefits(FWB) relationships is the best thing you might have done in your life. It will teach you many things about yourself that you might not have known before. However, there will come a time when you would like to move ahead. You would prefer to fall in love again or have a committed relationship where you can rely on your partner.

FWB sites is the perfect platform where you can find several friends with benefits dating sites. You will get the chance to explore a completely different world where you can spend some quality time and have copulation whenever you like. However, when you are in such a relationship you have to assure that you do not take things too far.

We all know that friends with benefits is not a relationship where you should develop romantic feelings, or in the end, you might get hurt. In case you are planning to end the relationship, it is better to do it nicely.

Here are a few tips that will help you end your relationship without any hard feelings.

Be Direct

One of the most important things you have to consider when you are planning to end the FWB relationship is that you should be direct about it.

  • Make sure that you are not rude or too blunt
  • Keep the conversation about how it is better that you should move on with your lives
  • Make sure that you explain everything honestly because in such relationships honesty is very important

It would be better for you if there are no feelings on both sides because then you will not regret breaking the relationship. At the same time if you notice that your friend is developing feelings you should finish the relation before it is too late.

Do Not Let It Go Too Far

It is better that you never give the wrong impression or idea. The best thing you can do is to finish the relationship as soon as possible. If you will delay the process it will give the impression that you are using the other person only because you love to have copulation with them and it is not something you would like people to think about you.

Honour The Decision You Have Made

Once you have made the decision it is important that you stick with it. There will come a time when you will be alone at 1 am and you would love to have copulation with the partner once again. Remember that once you will get associated with them again it means that either you have romantic feelings or you cannot get over it.

Be Unavailable

The best way to show your friends with benefits that you are not interested anymore is to be unavailable. You have promised to be with them on a special occasion make sure that you miss it. When you will start ignoring it will show that you are not into them.

Be Short And Sweet

When you are ready to be apart it is important that you keep everything short and sweet. There is no need to explain why you are doing this because from the very beginning it was all about copulation.

Bottom Line

It is good to be friends but at the same time, you have to assure that you do not develop any kind of feelings for the other person. Avoid any personal or family related chats. The reason is that when you will get personal it will be easier to develop feelings that will be the matter tough for you in the future.