Numerous people across the world consider dating as a forte for guys, but this is baseless perception, as girls also desire to date.

Flirting Tips for Girls

However, girls have their style of flirting, they just indicate men in some or the other manner, and in fact, men like it when the first move is from girl’s end. Therefore, if you have interest in a guy, you need to convey your message to the guy slyly, in such a manner that he understands your message.


The following are some flirting tips for girls through which they can entice a guy:

➢ Guys expect girls to look beautiful and charming. Thus, it is essential for you to take necessary steps for this purpose. You need to dress well and maintain yourself in a dignified manner. There is no need to spend excessive money on your dressing because you just need to have some flashy and neatly ironed dress to impress a guy.

➢ Eyes are the most vital tool for flirting. You can fasten the heartbeat of a guy by giving a playful and lusty stare. If you are confident in yourself, then stare him for two to three seconds and then slowly take your eyes off him. Remember to smile at the time of taking off your eyes from him. This may certainly help your cause and make him realize that you are attracted towards him.

➢ You need to make him understand that you are interested because someone has to take the initiative and the simplest way to show your feeling is through smiling. A smile can express hundreds of emotions and the same time; you do not require to express your feelings orally.

➢ You need to have some topic to interact with him because when you meet someone, it is essential to start a conversation to lay a foundation for a relationship. Wearing an attractive dress, unusual jewelry, and aromatic scent can help you in starting a discussion from a guy.

➢ If you desire to develop space in a guy’s heart, then learn to listen when it is his turn to speak. You need to remember that listening is the best part of communication.


➢ You can show your interest towards him by a gentle touch on his hairs, fingers, thighs, and shoulder. This may assist you in enticing him. You need to remember that just by reading dating tips you may not entice a guy. Instead, you need to have confidence and boldness for approaching a guy and flirt him. Make him desire you!

Your behavior also plays a pivotal role here. Thus, you need to be energetic, playful and enthusiastic while talking to a guy. Avoid being dull and monotonic and expressionless. This may give a negative impact to him, and he may think that you have no interest in him. You need to make sure that the conversation is light. Avoid discussing on serious and in-depth issues, because this may lead to an argument.

➢ You need to follow the formula of KISS (keep it short and simple). Everything has to be simple. If you are looking for a guy for a long term, then avoid being showy.

Compliment him on his looks and highlight his strong point. There is no need to go over-the-top while praising, because this may give a wrong impression. You need to be genuine and honest while praising him and if you get a compliment in return, then the obvious response from your end needs to be simple.

The essential thing you need to remember is to enjoy being yourself. If you remain happy and smiling, then it is easier for you to attract a guy. Attitude matters the most, because if you are positive, then it affects your overall personality too.

Finally, you need to remain open-minded and learn to accept a prank. You can use these flirting tips at any place, but the only thing you need to remember is staying confident.

Flirting Tips for Introvert Guys

There are flirting tips for men, women, homosexuals, and lesbians, but rarely do we find flirting tips for shy guys. It is not that shy guys cannot flirt, but the fact is that they do not dare to approach a girl.

However, there are numerous ways to flirt a girl even if you are shy. Initially, you may feel awkward, but if you practice frequently, then you can master flirting girls.

The following are a few flirting tips that may assist you to kick-start a relation with a girl:

The foremost thing that you need to have is a full-proof plan. This may assist you in approaching a girl without any hesitation.

There is no need to memorize pickup lines for starting a conversation with a girl, instead, make a list of some topics that you can talk on. This may assist in not coming in the situation where you are blank and have nothing to speak.

Do not stammer and blink your eyes frequently while you are talking to a girl, because this may indicate that you are not confident enough to talk with her.

You need to decide an appropriate place to meet a girl, which is neither too crowded nor isolated. You need to be at your jovial best, because girls like men who have the great sense of humor, but you need to avoid making fun of others just for the sake of fun.

You need to remember that a touch is far more effective than thousand words. Touch her once, but you need to make sure that you give some personal space to her otherwise she may create a negative opinion about you.


You need to learn some phrases and sentences that you can use during the conversation because these small things leave an ever-lasting impression on girls.

Girls like guys, who listen to them. Therefore, you need to learn to listen, and since you are shy, it may be easier for you.

➢ One of the vital tips is to understand the differences between sexually offensive and simple flirting language. There is no need to make sexual remarks regarding her looks, figure, and physique because girls take such comments seriously.

Even if you are shy, make sure that the girl does not realize this fact. You need to go through numerous flirting tips and confidently start flirting and master the techniques gradually. Keep trying, and certainly, after some time, you may master the technique of flirting.

Flirting Tips for Bold Guys

Numerous guys ponder over the fact that why they are not able to flirt with girls. Some think it is due to the looks, whereas some think it is personality, but the fact is that no particular thing can attract a girl.


They are the most unpredictable creatures on the earth. At one point when you flirt them, they smile back at you, but on the other hand, they might get furious too. Therefore, you need to make sure that you approach girls after building a good relationship with them.

Even if you are bold, you may get the feeling of butterflies in your stomach at the time of flirting women. You need to make a full-proof plan that may assist in approaching towards women and escaping when things go wrong.

The following are a few flirting tips which may be helpful for you at the time approaching a woman:

You need to take yourself and the world lightly while you are in a conversation with a woman. Make sure that you are always smiling and bring light moments in between a conversation.

If you act as a funny guy, then it can greatly assist you in flirting. Humor is the foremost thing that most of the girls search in a guy.

Avoid flirting women, when you are alone with her instead flirt her when she is among her friends or a group. You need to stay calm and keep your cool and wait for the appropriate moment to flirt.

There is no need to avoid being serious and rigid on particular topics. You need to make a mindset that no matter what the outcome is, you will enjoy the moment.

There is no need to bother regarding the result and assume, whatever happens, may be in your favor. Never feel insecure of yourself, instead be confident and try to give your best while you flirt.

There is no woman, who does not like flirting until and unless you do not cross the limits.

➢ If you desire to entice a woman, then you need to change your perspective towards her. You need to care for her and understand her feelings. This may not seem like flirting, but actually, this is emotional flirting, and you may master this technique after frequent practice.

Thus, flirting is not that difficult if you follow certain rules, while you flirt with the one you want to.

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