How to Get Intimate with Your Partner Without Having Copulation

How to Get Intimate with Your Partner Without Having Copulation

Whether you’re a new couple or you have been together for years, intimacy is needed for a relationship to work. Although having copulation is a great way to be more intimate with your partner, it should not necessarily be the first thing on your mind.

Copulation is a healthy part of a relationship, but intimacy can come in many different forms. In fact, intimacy is about being affectionate and feeling connected with that person, which can be expressed in many ways.

Here are some tips to rediscover intimacy in your relationship.

Make time to talk before you go to sleep

If you want to connect with your partner without having copulation, talk to them before they drift off to sleep. Usually, this leads to the deepest conversations where you can ask your partner about their day and how they have been feeling lately. It’s easy to forget how important communication is and yet it determines whether your relationship lasts.

After a long day, sleep might seem more tempting than talking to your partner but try and at least have a fifteen-minute conversation. You could share stories about your day, reminisce about the past, or talk about vacation. The point is you are connecting in a way that is beyond physical, and it will bring you closer together.

Touch each other without it leading to copulation

Non-sensual touches can strengthen your relationship in the same way that copulation can for some couples. This can be through holding hands, touching their hair, or giving each other a massage.

Frequently touching each other is a way of reminding your partner that you love them while keeping them close.

Travel to new places together

Some of the best memories are made when you travel, and there is no better way to experience it than traveling with someone who you love.

When you fall into a routine, you might find that your relationship is not an intimate as it used to be. By traveling, you will share new experiences together which will add more excitement to your relationship. It’s a great opportunity to visit places you have never been before while rediscovering the passion in your relationship.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money, either. You could visit a local city or stay in a hotel. The key is to get out of your comfort zone and be open to new experiences.

Open up about how you are feeling

If you don’t tell your partner how you are feeling, then you are creating a barrier between you. It’s hard to get close to someone if they refuse to open up and that could be what is stopping you from becoming more intimate.

As intimacy is about warmth and a feeling of familiarity, you should feel comfortable enough to discuss your thoughts and feelings with your significant other.

If you are nervous about opening up to them, then start off the conversation by asking them a question. It is so important to be vulnerable to someone you love and trust that they will understand. After all, a relationship without trust is not worth keeping.

Be more sentimental

Sometimes, simple gestures are the most meaningful, so if you want to reintroduce intimacy in your relationship, then you should start thinking about the little things.

For example, writing them a note is a simple gesture that could make them feel closer to you. Of course, you could also send them a text, but with a handwritten note, it shows that you have put more time and effort into what you have written and that will impress them.

Do more activities together

Laughter is one of the best ways to connect with someone, so it’s worth trying a new activity with your partner. You don’t have to be very good at it; in fact, it’s better if it’s something that you have never done before as it adds more excitement.

You could go ice skating, cook a meal together, or go surfing. These are all activities that will help you to get more intimate with your partner, and it can be incredibly fun as well. Also, the more memories you share together, the stronger your relationship will be.

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