A breakup offers a prime opportunity to improve in all the aspects of your life. During this transitional time, your focus should be on you. I know, it's against what we've always been told, but really, it's ok to be selfish!
Actually, you NEED to be selfish in order to heal.

Get ready to get glowing, not for your ex, but for YOU.

This is the formula for the Glo-Up.

1. Get Pampered!

During this stressful time in your life, relaxation is important and will make the post-breakup conversations, bursts of emotions, and lonely nights a lot more bearable.

So, put your mind at ease, and treat yourself by taking care of your body. Everyone likes to feel pampered and indulgent!

In the modern world, there are new spa trends popping up every day. Be daring and try something Instagram-worthy like a chakra alignment, crystal healing, or a matcha mask.

If you're more traditional, that's ok too! Massages, mani-pedis, and mudbaths never go out of style.

2. Get A New Look!

There is nothing wrong with being the girl who gets bangs after a breakup!

But, if a drastic haircut isn't your thing, boost your confidence by updating your wardrobe. Girl, splurge and buy those Louboutins that he thought were a waste of money. You're worth it.

If you're extremely committed to making a change and you're up for a challenge, pull a Khloe Kardashian and go full revenge body!

Whatever you decide to do, little or small, make sure it makes you feel pretty!

3. Do Things by Yourself!

After a heartbreak, it's downright therapeutic to do things by yourself. It might feel uncomfortable at first, especially if you and your partner spent every waking minute together. But, after a few solo-outings, you will feel empowered because of the realization that you're in control and you don't have the extra responsibility of taking care of someone else.

Take this alone time to go for a walk, read a book in the park, go window-shopping, or simply sit in a cafe and people-watch.

Or do something you never thought you would do alone like go to the movies, a new modern-art exhibit, or indulge in a fancy dinner.

By practicing doing things by yourself, you will realize that you do not need anyone else. You are perfectly capable of making yourself happy.

4. Try Something New!

Whether you're a fitness junkie, a creative, or a foodie, modern-age has made it easy and convenient to try new things.

Groupon offers so many opportunities to try something you have never done. From sailing to horseback riding to candle-making, whatever sounds fun, give it a try! Or if you want to push yourself, try something you think you'll hate. You might surprise yourself and leave with your new favorite hobby.

Classpass is another great option if you're a fitness junkie or an aspiring one. It gives you access to 8,500 fitness clubs, offering classes in everything from barre to yoga to kickboxing to cycling. They even have trendy classes like Bungee, where you hang from Bungee cords and have a semi-flying experience while burning the calories from all the ice cream you've been eating.

5. Reconnect with Old Friends!

Often times in relationships, we lose touch with old friends. Life happens, things get busy, and your focus is on your partner. Of course, your friends understand because we are all guilty of sending those, “Hey I miss you, let's get drinks soon!” texts that go unfulfilled because you decided to cuddle with your lover and watch The Office on Netflix for the tenth Friday night in a row.

But, now that you're single you might want to spice up the Friday night routine by actually leaving your couch and connecting with your friends in a social setting. It's healing to be able to see familiar faces and laugh about the good old days. Always remember that you had a life before your ex and it was fabulous!

This time send that text and follow-through.

6. Redecorate Your Bedroom!

Your bedroom is your sacred space and it's probably full of memories of you and your ex, so let's do something about it.

Make a decision about how you want to feel in your room. Relaxed and zen? Or maybe sexy?

Once you make the decision, make it happen. For a zen space, add some bright whites, some hanging plants, and invest in an oil diffuser.

For a sexier space add some darker colors, maybe some lace, and get ready for some post-breakup hookups.

7. Check in with Yourself Daily!

Throughout all of these steps, you should be checking in with yourself daily. Ask yourself, how am I feeling?

Some people find keeping a journal keeps them balanced, but others would rather take a less structured approach. Don't stress out about finding time to write something down every day if that's not a method that feels right. Honestly, it's whatever works for you.

Just make sure you're examining your priorities, values, and goals now that you're single. It's always good to have a real sense of self before getting into another relationship. However, there is no rush, enjoy your single life, and embrace the glo-up!

Image credit: Pixabay