Finding an ideal place for a date is a tedious process. Even the happy-go-lucky couples pause for a while to think. But if you cut down the entire process, it's actually pretty simple. Just don't over-think it.

Here are some tips to narrow down your choices and help you find the best place:

What you enjoy: Different people enjoy different places. Some people like lively, happening places like concerts, waterparks, and markets while others like quiet places like parks, museums, etc. Discuss with your partner and choose somewhere you will both enjoy. Be open.

Time: The time of day you are both free is important. Is it early morning, afternoon, evening or late at night? Each slot has its advantages. An early morning sunrise date is hugely underestimated... It's one of the most intimate times you can get....and so is stargazing at night. But if you're up for a casual first date, go at a time that suits you both.

Bucket List: You take out time and effort to make this date memorable. Why not check off something from your bucket list? Be sure you are both interested in it. Paintball adventure, paragliding, a bicycle tour--the possibilities are endless.

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