Halloween is a fun time of year for both children and adults alike. This is a time for tricks and treats, getting dressed up, and even going to holiday themed parties.

Whether you are in a new or established relationship, Halloween might be the perfect time to spice things up and have a little more fun this year.

Depending on the kind of Halloween fun you want to have, there are a few different options you might be interested in trying to get the most out of your sultry and spooky holiday experience.

4. Daring Costumes

If you have never been one for costumes in the bedroom, but you want to try something new, Halloween is the perfect time to be daring. Not only does it make sense that you would be wearing a costume, but there are so many options this time of the year. You can make anything sexy and sultry. Plus, this is a great opportunity to spice things up in the bedroom, as you seduce your partner with your naughty French maid outfit, your sultry witch attire, or even your fallen angel.

When it comes to naughty costume ideas, you can be simple or elaborate in your execution. It isn’t so much about the costume, as it is how much fun you two can have together. Even wearing a football jersey and nothing else is enough to not only get the sparks flying but also show your partner that you want to have fun.

3. Have a Sexy, Spooky Sleepover

You don’t have to plan anything big when it comes to Halloween. Instead, you can plan an intimate night in that lasts the whole night. You can turn an ordinary sleepover into a spine-tingler, and all it takes is a little bit of planning.

Whether you decide to go for comfort or seduction, plan for a night at either his place or yours. Make sure you have something to change into or grab one of his shirts. Plus, you want to make sure you have something to snack on. While you change, have him grab the snacks, and then you can both meet on the couch or somewhere comfy to watch a horror flick or two. Not only will you get to spend time together, but this is a great way to get up close and personal, cuddle with your partner, while also enjoying a low-key night of horror.

2. Throw an Adult Halloween Bash

Not only is an adult Halloween party a great way to have fun with your partner, but this is a chance to have some fun with other adults as well. Tell your friends to bring their partners and wear something daring or sexy. You can have a sexy Halloween costume contest, play some sultry games (like bobbing for apples with sexy suggestions associated to each apple which will be done to your partner), and offer drinks that are both devilish and sure to liven up the party.

1. Host a Masquerade Party

If you want to take your adult Halloween party to the next level, try a masquerade party. Have people dress up in some of their sexiest outfits and let them know that you will provide them with the masks. At party stores, you can often find plenty of inexpensive masks (think mardi gras and fun, flirty feather masks), and either leave them at the door for your guests to choose from or hand them out as they come in.

When people have on masks and feel like there is a sense of secretiveness to their identity, often inhibitions tend to fall away. This is a chance for everyone to let loose and have a good time. Whether this means sexy dancing or flirting with friends, a Halloween masquerade is a fun and sultry opportunity to spend the evening partying and mingling with others. Plus, at the end of the night, you get to take your partner home and let the fun continue well into the early hours of the morning.

While much of what makes a sultry Halloween has to do with the costumes and masks, there is something to be said for simply wanting to have fun and enjoy the spooky holiday with your partner. Even if it is as simple as curling up together watching horror movies or as elaborate as a sexy Halloween party, there are plenty of opportunities to spice up the holiday and make it something to remember.

Photo Credit: Melissa Segal Via Flickr