When it comes to bringing kink into the bedroom, there are a lot of things you may only be vaguely familiar with. One of those things is wax play.

Wax play can be truly amazing as it is both sensual and exciting. However, much like anything else, you really need to be careful because you are dealing with sensation play and something that is potentially dangerous.

In order to properly incorporate wax into your sex life, there are some things that you definitely need to know. And while they may seem obvious, these tips will help you make the decision one way or the other as to whether you decide to bring wax play into the bedroom.

Perhaps the most important thing to know when it comes to this particular act of kinkiness is that there are specific types of wax you can use. You need to look for massage candles and hot waxes that are skin safe. Often this means sticking with soy-based wax products.

When it comes to picking the right wax to use, there are some basics that come into play which will make all of this much easier for you.

  • The wax needs to have a low melting point.
  • The wax melts into an oil (this makes sense if you are using a massage candle).
  • The wax is not a standard wax candle. Parafin is a good option if you are looking for true wax play (therefore avoid metallic candles and beeswax, like the kind you may have on display).
  • Pay attention to allergies such as soy since so many of the wax play candles are typically made with soy.

While it may seem like incorporating wax play would be difficult in terms of finding the correct wax products, there are plenty of options for finding what you need. Adult toy party companies often sell these products which makes picking what you want that much easier. And depending on the company, they may have a variety of options which will allow for any number of fun experiences, whether we are talking wax varieties, melting points, or even scents.

Once you have found the correct wax for your play, it is time to move on to some of the other fundamentals of incorporating wax into your sexy time. At the top of this list should be talking with your partner and open communication.

Hopefully the initial discussion about bringing wax play into the bedroom has happened before even hunting down the correct products. But even after the initial agreement, you and your partner should still be talking about what you are doing with each other.

The way we each react to things is going to vary on a case by case basis and that means you can't just start out by dripping wax on your naked partner and expecting everything to be wonderful. Essentially, you are both going to have to work together here and both of you should know what the wax will feel like.

Even if you have no interest in having wax on your skin, it is important for both of you to have an understanding of what you are doing and how the wax feels (although the sensations will still be different for each of you).

Before you ever drip melted wax on sensitive areas, you need to first drip it (or however else you plan to get it onto the skin) in an area that is more neutral. Perhaps try the back or even the forearm area first (having had melted wax dripped on to my back before I can tell you that it is an entirely different feeling from anything else you will experience).

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No matter where you are putting the wax and no matter how many times you do it after the first time, it is important to pay attention to your partner. Monitor how they are doing and make sure that they are not in distress. Pay attention to their breathing and make sure you do not go too fast.

Another thing you need to pay attention to when it comes to wax play is your surroundings. The last thing you want is sexy time to be interrupted by the fire department when you catch something on fire. Make sure anything flammable is away from your play area and keep a damp towel and water at the ready. You should even have your partner lie on a damp towel for added protection.

Safe words are important when it comes to adding something as intense as wax play into the bedroom. You should both have safe words in order to put a stop to anything that is making you uncomfortable or hurting you. And yes, I really do mean that both of you need stop words because the reality is that even the person dripping wax can become overwhelmed and that can lead to an inability to continue playing safely.

Wax play is all part of sensation play and that can be a very intense thing, especially for the partner enjoying the sensations. Remember to communicate with each other at all times and pay attention to each other and your bodies. The last thing anyone wants is for something to happen because of a lack of communication or improper preparation.

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