Ops, did it happen again? I know the feeling. The good news is that you can do something about it. Every man wants to be the king of bedroom games. And women feel proud of macho men. So why not up your game?

Below are some behavioral changes, health tips, and home remedies to combat this problem.

Kegel Exercises

Have you ever found yourself holding urine halfway through? Then you are familiar with Kegel exercises. These are comfortable exercises, and you can do them while running errands. They are my secret number one for the perfect sex.

Women swear by Kegel exercises, especially those who’ve had multiple vaginal births. However, did you know that as a man Kegels contribute to better sexual performance too? Scientifically, Kegel exercises can help you hold your semen during intercourse. The trick is to locate the pelvic floor muscles responsible.

To exercise, hold your muscles whenever you are about to pass gas and hold these muscles again in between urination. The latter is not advised because holding urine might lead to urinary tract infections.

As an alternative, once you’ve identified the correct muscle, keep holding it for 3 seconds and relax for another 3 seconds for ten consecutive times. Repeat this exercise every day for about 3 times. In two weeks, you should notice a difference.

Other than improving your sexual performance, Kegel exercises are recommended if you notice dribble after urinating and fecal or urinary incontinence.

If you are not patient enough and all you need is a quick fix, then do this: Just like you hold urine while urinating, hold your semen in between sexual intercourse until your queen has had enough.

Finally, drift your thoughts away from that moment until she’s satisfied. The more you think about the pleasure, the harder it is for you to hold longer. It is not easy at first, but with practice, you can hold as long as you want before you cum.

Massage for a Starter and Kisses for the Main Course

Unless you are rushing to work, make every sexual experience memorable. Invest in quality massage oil. These oils have a way of speaking to the muscles even for people without massage experience. But a few YouTube tutorials will do.

A massage will not only calm her mind, but the sensitive targeted touch will sexually arouse your partner. Don’t be afraid to go deeper unless your partner suggests otherwise. Massage will also create room for communication. If you do it right, it will transition to confidence in the bedroom. Remember that a confident man is a good performer.

And when your fingers have had enough, let your lips in. Give and receive a heart-throbbing kiss for a while before you penetrate.

Alternate Positions

Roll-overs are fun, and so are bend-overs. Be a team and allow each to ride at alternating intervals. The time you take when changing positions enable you to calm down and reduce the sex pressure.

Trying out a new style is also an exciting way to up your game. You never know, you might just discover your inner strengths in bed. Introduce any new sex styles carefully taking care not to hurt your partner. Especially those positions that favor your strength (like when you stand, and your woman kneels).

Work On Your Breathing

Deep and slow breaths work magic in bed. Breathe gradually initially, and as the heat intensifies, your breathing rate will increase. This is normal but doesn’t go overboard. In fact, when thrusting, you might lose control of your breath. Pause for a while and take a deep breath, release it, and then go back to the game.

Control Your Thoughts

Your mind is the most potent tool in bed. It is the only thing with the power to manipulate your performance. Get rid of negativity and believe in yourself. Forget all your worries most especially those pertaining letting your woman down and affirm your mind as much as possible. You can only give her the best of what you believe you can.

In Conclusion

Staying longer and firmer in sex will not happen overnight. But consistency in the above tips will help you. Be comfortable with your woman. The more comfortable you are, the higher your chances of being her bedroom ninja.