Welcome to the first edition of Food & Dating’s Restaurant of the Week. Each week, we’ll take you inside New York City’s dining scene to highlighting one spectacular restaurant. Whether it be a brand new opening, updated menu, or a recent dining feature, we have the latest and greatest covered.


Midtown’s French Brasserie

Le Marais is known for its Kosher-friendly steaks that are served in a relaxed, old-school setting with brick walls and comfy, sink-in-your-seat booths. Now, it has something new to try: a Monday barbecue.

Every Monday from 12 pm to midnight, Le Marais offers a unique take on a traditional barbecue feast. Created by owner Jose Meirelles and chef Mark Hennessey (also authors of the cookbook Le Marais, A Rare Steakhouse, Well done) the new menu combines French fare with slow-cooked Texas-style barbecue (still Kosher of course) that changes on a weekly basis.

Hungry guests (especially nearby theatergoers) can choose from an array of meaty plates, including barbecue chicken with sweet potato mashed and tender brisket served alongside pickled cucumbers and fresh slaw.


Other dishes can include a fresh tomato and apple salad that’s a perfect starter on a hot summer day, along with hearty entrees of slow-smoked beef short ribs and barbecue pulled veal, all paired with sides of charred corn and kale made with bacon.

And if you save room for dessert, which you should, there's a strawberry rhubarb topped with cream that screams summertime.

The Monday barbecue menu is available now and all summer long. Better get your fill of messy meats and fruity sweets while you can.

Address: 150 W. 46th Street

Image credit: Le Marais