Every woman dreams of the perfect wedding. She hopes to have a memorable experience, both for herself and the guests in attendance. From the wedding gown to the bride's maid’s outfit to the décor at the reception hall, everything has to be perfect in the bride's imagination. After all, it is her big day, and she cannot afford to disappoint.

However, while everything else can go wrong and be forgiven, the wedding cake has to be exceptionally flawless. The cake is symbolic. It marks the first meal that the couple shares in their union.

It is possible to have the most gorgeous wedding cake without necessarily breaking the bank. Whether you want ornate sugar-flower displays or just a simple heart-shaped design that spells the love and bond, it can be done. Let's now borrow a leaf from several celebrities, shall we?

5 Amazing Celebrity Wedding Cakes

There is something about a well thought-out design idea. These 5 celebrities had everyone drooling at their wedding. And for sure the cakes didn't disappoint.

Donne Elena Delle and Amanda Clifton
Amanda is an Olympian, and as the celebrity she is, her cake had to leave a mark on her special day. It was 11 tiers tall, and at the reception, it stood at an enviable height of 6'5" and had to be wheeled onto the reception floor.

Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom

We all loved this couple, didn't we? Too bad this wasn't a happy ending, but that's gossip for another day. Their wedding cake had the couples initials at the top layer which took it to a personal level. The rest was a well-integrated black and white theme with a couple of flowery touches here and there.

Brooks Laich and Julianne Hough
Julianne had settled for a simple, yet elegant design for her wedding cake. Her cake designer came up with a cake covered with buttercream frosting, all white, and decorated with a generous bouquet of fresh flowers.

Julianne, being very cautious of her eating habits, did not want to over-indulge. However, the size of the cake said it all. Each tier had four layers of cake, with a generous topping of cream and strawberries on some cakes, cream and raspberries on others, and a layer of cream and blackberries on the rest.

Mark Ballas and BC Jean

These two had a fun-filled wedding. But that's a little obvious considering the groom is an entertainer and the bride is a hippy song star, right? Well, their wedding cake was simply elegant. The cake was red velvet, and a whopping seven-tier seamlessly blended. While most of it was white, it had touches of gold and a thin blue strip to match the decor.

Nicole Johnson and Michael Phelps
This couple was celebrating their marriage for the third time, and this did not stop them from having a cake that would be the envy of their guests. The cake was a black and golden theme, made with strawberry buttercream, half chocolate, vanilla bean buttercream, chocolate buttercream, and Reese’s peanut butter. Now that's something enviable for your taste buds.

Tara Lipinski and Todd Kapostasy

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Their cake was from Ashley Bakery creation. It had six layers; all covered in sophisticated details and real roses. Each level had a different flavor. The topper drew its theme from the classic film Gone With the Wind.

Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan
Bridget is a starring actor in the Blue Bloods series. She and her husband disagreed on the choice of their wedding cake. While she wanted a vanilla cake, he wanted a chocolate one. However, they amicably sorted their differences by settling for a cake with different vanilla tiers, and others with the chocolate flavor. How wise!


For a long time, brides have preferred to have their cakes in the same color as their wedding gown. A white wedding cake is a symbol of social importance and wealth in some cultures. White also represents the bride as the most crucial lynchpin in the wedding. However, wedding cakes can be in any color. Feel free to experiment with whatever pleases you.

In Conclusion

Look at these examples, and you will see that the most crucial factor that determines how a wedding cake looks is the preferences of the couple. After all, the cake is their gift to their guests, and it represents what they believe in as a couple. However, get the flavor combinations right. Once you get the appearance right, the taste should crown it.

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