There are few places in the world like Levinsky Street in Tel Aviv. Stall-like stores are crammed next to each other revealing delicacies that entice foreigners and locals alike. Levinsky market sells everything in bulk, which makes it both eco-friendly and much more fun than a regular trip to the grocery store. However, exploring all that the Levinsky market has to offer can be a bit daunting; but, by following this guide, you'll make sure not to miss out on anything!

Dried Fruit


Dried fruit is a big deal in Israel, with much of what you'll find native to the land. The selection of fruits is outrageous; you'll see multiple types of dates, apricots, kiwi, and more! Almost any fruit you can think of is dried and sold at Levinsky market. Dried fruit is a great way to add a touch of sweetness to salads, baking, and even entrees!



If you are a fan of nuts, look no further-Levinsky has everything you need! There is nothing you cannot find in Levinsky. Whether you want shelled or unshelled pistachios, Brazil nuts, almonds of every size, or cashews, Levinsky does not disappoint. Besides enjoying these nutty delights on their own, consider making your nut butter! All you need is the nut of your choice, some neutral oil, salt, and a blender! You can also add nuts to smoothies, salads, or make your nut milk. The possibilities and options are endless at Levinsky.



Levinsky will overwhelm your senses in the best way when it comes to their variety of spices. Unlike the spices you're used to at the grocery store, spices at Levinsky are freshly scooped into bags for each customer, so make sure you store them properly. The flavor of these spices will put your dishes over the top, and with the large selection, you have the flexibility to make homemade spice blends! Levinsky is the best place to gather all the spices you need for a curry mix, and once you've got everything, go ahead and try it out on roasted chickpeas in this cucumber and tomato salad. .



Tea will never look the same once you see the array that Levinsky provides! These loose teas vary from herbal to caffeinated in every flavor imaginable. Since these teas are not in bags, you must have a tea infuser, which you can also find on Levinsky. I recommend trying hibiscus tea; with it's sweet and floral flavor, you can drink this tea without any added sugars! It can be enjoyed as a hot tea, or as a refreshing iced tea.



Dried mushrooms are a real treasure. Because they are dried, the flavor of the mushroom is much more potent than what you would find in a fresh one. After rehydrating these gems in water, they can be used in anything from mushroom risotto, to mushroom soup, to mushroom ragout! Adding dried mushrooms will up your kitchen game, and your taste buds will thank you- all because of Levinsky.



Burlap bags of dried chilies can be found in most stores in the market. Varying in size and spiciness, you absolutely should give them a try. Dried chilies are a great way to bring smokey and spices notes to any dish, especially Latin-inspired. All you need to do is rehydrate them before using by soaking them in hot water. Blend them with some garlic and olive oil, and you have an easy red sauce for taco night!