Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to intense hunger pangs and stomach growling for food? The love of your life is sleeping peacefully right next to you and you don't want to disturb them, not after their tiring day at work. But you need food! When your love feels you stirring restlessly in bed, they ask you what's the matter in their beautiful, sleepy voice. So you tell them that you're damn hungry and need food! Rather than falling back asleep, they wake up and tell you to get dressed because you two are going to your favorite restaurant to grab a delicious "middle-night dinner." Now wouldn't that be perfect? Or beyond perfect?

Love based on food is undoubtedly the best kind of love. Food doesn’t only serve as a bond that ties you two together, but sharing the same taste in food allows you even greater intimacy with your love.

Food based love

Imagine having a boyfriend who would get you Malteasers and loads of milky-ways every day because you love chocolates or a girlfriend who would make sumptuous dinners for you that you two devour lovingly. Love based on food is by far the best kind of love because you understand each other's dietary needs. Plus, you don’t fear being judged when you want to have McDonald's right after you had Subway! The feeling this gives you is priceless: you can eat whatever you want without them reminding you of your calorie intake. The best part is when you tell them that you're still hungry even after eating a whole jalapeno and mushroom beef steak and they excitedly offer to have a club sandwich!

The story just doesn’t end here! Food based on love is simply amazing because the way to someone's heart is good food. So whenever you have to make up to them after a small argument you had over breakfast, fostering a similar kind of love for food as they do, would just tell you what would be the best dinner to cheer them up!

Simply eternal!

Behind every meal is a love story; a beautiful story of warmth, heartfelt emotions, passion, and care. Every time you and your someone special has dinner together, the food will serve to foster and strengthen the intimacy between you two. Good food and a warm conversation at the dinner table every night will develop the kind of love between you two that'll never subside: the love will be eternal.

Making up to your someone special

Good food also does wonders when it comes to making up to your someone special! When nothing else seems to pacify them, try taking them out to their favorite restaurant. And watch them while they happily devour their meal. Your attention will just make them feel so special that they'd just completely forget about the argument.
So find the right person for yourself who loves food as much as you do, because love based on food is the best kind of love!