Low Carb Diet Plan That Are Keto Friendly While Travelling

Low Carb Diet Plan That Are Keto Friendly While Travelling

The 9 to 5 jobs and busy schedules make it considerably difficult for people to maintain a healthy low carb diet plan, Fortunately, we have options such as keto diets or low carb diet plan that work like magic on your body.

Travelling is one of the most effective ways to get rid of stress, anxiety, and pressure. The urban cities offer a very intricate but challenging lifestyle to the people. They have to struggle not only to achieve success in their careers but also provide their body with healthy food.

So, do you really find it a herculean task to maintain your low carb diet or keto diet while traveling?

Below is the few low carbon diet plan you can readily follow to maintain your low carb diet while traveling.

#1. Eat well before you leave your home

A low carb diet means consuming the foods that don’t possess a high amount of carbohydrates that are mostly found in sugary foods, pasta, bread, etc.

One of the foremost tip that you could follow to maintain your low carb diet even while traveling is to fill up on your low carb food items before you leave your home.

This could be significantly helpful as your home is the only place where you can eat enough of your low carb food. Don’t be in a hurry, start your journey feeling nourished and satisfied.

You can have boiled eggs, cooked bacon, reheated egg muffins, fruits like berries or nuts. Apart from this, you can also prepare a meal for yourself if you have enough time, which includes sausages with mushrooms and tomatoes or avocados with mayonnaise.

#2. Master the art of dining at the restaurants

While traveling, the only source of food that we could have is restaurants or food stores. It an art that you should master if you want to live a healthy lifestyle and follow your low carb diet plan.

Eat out with confidence and keep in mind the following points while ordering your food. Say a big no to bread instead, you can ask for some extra veggies. This is how we substitute starch with lots of healthy minerals and vitamins.

In order to spice up your food, you can also add butter. Try to skip eating dessert, however, if that is difficult, order some berries garnished with heavy cream.

Luckily, there are many keto friendly restaurants that you can find. Make sure to ask them to customize your meals so you can keep it low carb.

#3. Pack few packets of low carb snacks for the journey

Many of us have a temptation of munching over something while traveling. However, it is quite challenging to find suitable food items according to your diet plan while traveling in the railways or on a plane.

Therefore, it is always very wise to carry your snacks with yourself to avoid the temptation of eating easily available edible items on the railway station.

Tuck some nuts or nut butter in your bag while traveling. You can also pack the peeled hard-boiled eggs from home. Don’t forget to add some salt to enhance the taste.

Cheese could also be an option in your list. Ham with cheese roll-ups could be your thing. Carry chocolate that has more than 70% cacao or olive oil for salads or veggies for some additional quick bites.

#4. Use coffee to keep your hunger away

Caffeine not only cures the cravings of consuming a beverage but also helps to diminish the hunger. Therefore, don’t forget to carry tea or coffee with yourself.

Your coffee could be either black or loaded with heavy cream or melted butter. A single cup of coffee will easily help you to edge off your hunger.

Take a cup of coffee or tea(whatever you have) every time you feel like eating something. This technique will help you to control your food cravings until you make it to a place with better and healthy food.

#5. Try fasting

If you follow your low carb diet religiously, then it is very easy for you to do intermittent fasting on a regular basis.

If you need to board a flight or train to catch early in the morning, then fill up yourself will proper diet food and don’t eat even a bit till the time of dinner.

Or you could do it any other way that suits you the best. This strategy not only makes your traveling simple but also helps you to avoid unhealthy diet.

Fasting could be done anywhere and at any point in time. Therefore, trying to inculcate this as a habit could really be beneficial for you and your health.


Travelling could really be food to your soul, however, don’t let the food that you eat destroy your body.

Follow your low carb diet religiously by following the above-mentioned tips to travel when you’re dieting in this guide.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to drink lots of water. Traveling is not an excuse to cheat on your low carb diet, make health your priority and enjoy your holidays.