In a perfect world, we would be able to dig into as many types of pizzas as we could, ferociously taking quick bites from bacon-pineapple topped slices, throwing it to the side when we’re done, and continuing to dig into a Margherita pizza. And I'm not talking about Dominoes or Little Ceaser's, but instead high-end pizza. Pizza meant specifically for the upper classes to devour. The reality of most people’s situations is that we don’t have a pile of exotic, expensive pizzas making a tower that erects itself into the sky and beyond at our disposal. Bummer.

What we can do to feel a little bit more like a person living in that lifestyle is use what we have in our kitchens to spice up any pizza. All it takes is a bit of creativity to reproduce an expensive pizza which we are better off not paying for. If you are making the dough, sauce, and cheese base by hand, or using a premade pizza, consider these additions to your dish.

What to do with your pizzas:

Change up the sauce if you are making the pizza by hand. Tomato sauce is great, but there is a whole other sauce filled world out there that we are disregarding. Alfredo and pesto do not only go fittingly with pasta.

Add potatoes. It sounds weird if you haven’t had it before, but you may be impressed with the results. Lay out thin slices across the surface of the pizza before baking it. The potato adds another texture to which your mouth will give a standing ovation, not to mention the taste it has with the sauce and cheese, to which your taste buds will give no less of a reaction.

Add fruit. This one may or may not appeal to you. Personally, I love all fruits on my pizza- and I’ve tried a lot. Peaches, apples, and strawberries are all on my list, as long as they are thinly sliced, so they have that pleasing layered texture.

A person cutting a pizza in Deutschland

Sauces on the side are always a plus. You can make an average slice of pizza go from one to a million by serving it with different sauces. A cilantro sauce with lime juice goes beautifully with almost any kind of pizza.

Bowl of fresh tomato sauce with basil and herbs

Use different kinds of cheeses to be expressive with your pizza. Even if you're used to using the normal shredded cheese, try adding pieces of mozzarella to the pizza, spacing them out a bit more for a slightly more professional look.

Use fancy leaves for garnishing. No, I’m not talking about any random leaf from your backyard or potted plant. A touch of green contributed by spring of basil, cilantro, or mint can liven up the appearance of any old yellowish-white-with-brown-spots cheese pizza. If you have enough of any these leaves, consider using them as a topping along with a fruit or meat topping.

Box of Margherita pizza delivered for dinner

It may not be the perfect, first class restaurant pizza that you pay half a week’s worth of rent for. But it is pretty darn close. And we probably can make that never ending stack which shoots up into the sky for less than half a week's rent.