When it comes to dressing up or down for your partner, many ladies might break out their best lingerie, whether to feel good about themselves, to seduce their significant other, or even just as part of role play.

While lingerie consists of many different styles and types, the important thing is that you are looking to flaunt what you have and make the most of a good time.

Although women often share their thoughts on how they feel when it comes to wearing lingerie, men also have their own opinions about these sensual articles of clothing. In fact, if you head to social media, you can easily find plenty of opinions from men in terms of what they want to see and how they feel about their partner getting dressed up in their sexy lingerie.

While all men are different when it comes to what they like and appreciate from the woman they are dating, this does not mean women can’t pick up an idea or two from discovering what men think of their undergarments.

For some men, while lingerie is a wonderful thing, and they love and appreciate the way it looks on their partner, it is also a costume of sorts.

Depending on the lingerie, you might be going for a more seductive look, or perhaps a more innocent approach. Then there are the pieces that are a bit more dominatrix in style.

No matter what look your lingerie inspires, it is important to embrace the look and make it your own. Have confidence in your choice and show off that dominant side, or the sultry vixen, or even your more innocent nature. It does not matter which look your lingerie offers, it only matters if you can embody that look.

Another way men tend to look at lingerie is as gift wrapping. You are the gift and the lingerie you are wearing is the wrapping paper. Most men can appreciate the opportunity to unwrap a present and it adds to the excitement of the encounter when that wrapping paper is a something sexy and seductive.

There is nothing wrong with just getting naked and having a good time, but there is also something very seductive about things like satin, leather, and lace.

While each of these materials is different in look and feel, they are still there to add another layer of sensuality to your experience with your partner. Not only can these things help set the mood, but they are for both of your enjoyment.

When it comes to actually wearing your lingerie, it doesn’t matter if it is only for a short period of time or if you decide to walk around the house and clean in your satin and lace.

It is all about teasing and seducing your partner and yourself. Not only can it be empowering to clean in sexy lingerie, but it can also be a confidence booster.

While many men appreciate lingerie for what it can do for a woman’s confidence, there are also plenty of men who could care less. Instead, they are all about the woman herself and do not need to see her in something expensive in order to appreciate her and find her seductive.

Perhaps the comment that was the most common when it came to men’s appreciation for lingerie was that they were just as happy to see their partner in a tank top or sweater and leggings or yoga pants as they were something fancy. For many men, it is about the confidence and poise that the woman in their life has, which ultimately makes them sexy and seductive.

While a man might not say no to their partner breaking out the satin and lace, for the most part, there is no need for it, unless it is what you want to do. Based on what many of the men on social media had to say, it is not the lingerie or even the clothes that seduce them, but rather it is the woman wearing those things that make them happy.

So, ladies, this means that if you want to break out the lingerie and seduce your partner, do it, but the reality is that it is all about you when it comes to the seduction.

Image Courtesy of Joanna Malinowska - Freestocks