This a great food debate that has raged for years: Which is better, New York or Chicago-style pizza? The differences between the two pizzas are not just about geography: it's about the structure of pizza itself.

New York Pizza: Thin is In

New York pizzas are for light pizza eaters. New York slices are cooked in a traditional industrial oven for about 10 minutes. The pies are thin, and the slices are triangular, so they can quickly fold to be eaten. The slice can even sell the pizzas. The crust of New York pizzas is thin as well. Because the pizza is flat, there is just room for a few toppings. There is only a single layer of mozzarella cheese, too.

While New York pizza skimps on toppings, it's heavy on the oil. The oil pools on the top of the slice and makes the slice slippery. Prepare to do a grease pat with a napkin when eating a slice of New York pizza. Famous fans of New York-style pizza includes former Daily Show host Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart famously defended New York pizza against Chicago's deep dish, saying Chicago pizza is more like tomato soup., Many diners who prefer NYC pizza see New York-style pizza as a traditional, classic pie.

Chicago Pizza: More Is Best

While Chicago is treated as a second city to New York, it's first in pizza. ( This may be my native Chicago bias showing.) Chicago deep-dish pizza is not for the faint of stomach. The large pizzas are baked in a cast iron pan for about an hour and are round in shape. The crust is thick and flaky.

The slices are thick and thick, giving the Chicago pizza the nickname; "deep dish." The pizza is served as one large pie and can be eaten family-style.

Chicago-style slices are hefty and can get messy, so it's best eaten with a knife and fork. The toppings are plentiful but are inverted on a Chicago-style pizza. The tomato sauce and cheese are usually on top, and the toppings are underneath.

Chicago style pizza goes big on cheese and has a variety of different cheeses in the pie. Chicago pizza also has famous fans like Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman. He said Chicago pizza is like filet mignon, while New York pizza is like a Slim Jim. Chicago pizza lovers say the deep dish is a real meal, while New York style pizza is just a snack.

No matter how pizza eaters eat their pie, make sure to eat pizza that's delicious. Whether you want a small New York slice or a sizeable Chicago-style pie, make sure to enjoy every bite.