When it comes to sexual activities, there are some people who absolutely love oral sex, and then there are those who hate it. However, while you may not have strong feelings either way, studies have shown that women are much more likely to be able to achieve orgasm via oral sex, or at least when it is incorporated into the foreplay.

Whether man or woman, oral sex is a fun and sensual experience that both partners can benefit from. Plus, as an added bonus, there are also health benefits to going down on your partner, which is certainly nice to know, especially for people who are not fond of the unique flavors associated with oral fun.

Of course, one drawback to oral sex is the taste, and while the natural taste and smells that are associated with our bodies are all part of the experience, that does not mean there are not ways to try and improve the overall encounter.

In order to try and make oral sex at least slightly more pleasing for our partners, there are certain things that can be added to a diet or even avoided, as these particular foods will change the way we taste.

While women have often been described as being meaty, bitter, or fishy tasting, the way men are often described as tasting ranges from bleach-like to bitter, and sometimes even sweet, and all of this has to do with hygiene and diet.

While the base taste of oral sex may not change completely, by knowing what foods are good, and which to avoid, you can make this particular sexual experience one that your partner will not only be willing to engage in again but also one that is even pleasant.

Just like anything else, what you eat matters and the last thing you want is to consume something that will leave your partner wanting to avoid going down on you in the future.

Foods And Liquids to Improve Semen Flavor


While it probably seems relatively simple and even ridiculous to include water, it is actually a cleanser for the body, which can help in changing the way semen tastes. Water will help to remove toxins and impurities from the body, which means the more you drink, the better your semen will end up tasting.


This is a fruit that is probably not in any way surprising. Not only is this particular fruit one that has the same hydrating types of effects as water and even celery, but it can actually make semen less thick, for a different textured experience. Besides its hydrating benefits, watermelon can actually make semen taste sweeter, which can certainly be a bonus for your partner.


While cranberries are often associated with women's health, cranberry is also very good for men. Cranberries are a rather tart fruit, which in turn can help balance the PH in the body. This will then help to reduce the level of saltiness of sperm.


As I mentioned when talking about watermelon, celery is a very hydrating food. It is because of its hydrating properties that celery is actually good for helping to reduce saltiness as well. In fact, because of certain aspects of its chemical makeup, celery can even make sperm have a sweeter taste.

Acidic Fruits

There are certain fruits that are guaranteed to change the way that semen tastes, and among those fruits are the ones that are more acidic. Fruits such as pineapple, blueberries, plums, kiwi, and even cherries can have a truly beneficial effect on the taste of semen, by altering the alkaline levels present and making for a sweeter taste overall. While there are certainly other citrus fruits that can also have an impact, perhaps the best of them is the pineapple, although really most fruits will have a positive impact on the overall flavor and even experience.

Foods and Liquids That Improve Vaginal Taste

(It should come as no surprise that there will definitely be an overlap in these categories, especially when it comes to fruits.)


The alkalinity of cinnamon is very good for counteracting the more acidic taste that many people associate with the vagina. Not only is this spice good for helping to make the oral experience sweeter, but it also has the added health benefit of acting as a mild antibiotic to help in treating potential yeast infections.


This one should come as no surprise since cranberry is often recommended to women to help with keeping PH levels balanced. However, just like it is good for men and changing the way their semen tastes, cranberries also help with the way a woman tastes. Part of why it is so effective for women is that the juice of this fruit is good for countering the bacteria present in the urinary tract system.


Again, this particular food choice is great for changing the flavor of oral sex because it helps reduce bitterness. With a whole host of health benefits for women and men, this is a super-food when it comes to oral sex.

Citrus Fruits

Just like acidic fruits were able to help change the way a man's semen tastes, citrus fruits have a very similar effect on women. Pineapple again earns top praise for adding sweetness to the encounter, but of course, other citrus based fruits are also good ways to add in that sweet flavoring. However, while citrus flavors may be the go-to for oral sex, some other fruits that deserve some praise are red grapes, strawberries, and perhaps unsurprisingly, watermelon.

What To Avoid for Both Men and Women


While no one is saying you have to completely abandon your beloved coffee, it is important to remember that with women and men both being prone to a bitter taste, the more coffee you drink, the more bitter you will ultimately taste to your partner.

Rather than completely eliminating coffee, maybe drink it in moderation and supplement with some of the sweeter products on our list. Also, if you have a plan for some sexual fun later that day, remember that you don't want the coffee you drank all day to rain on your oral parade.

Fatty, Fried, Junk Foods

Unsurprisingly, foods that are in general bad for your health are also going to be bad for making oral sex palatable. The many chemicals and preservatives present in these foods are going to change the bacterial levels in your body, changing PH levels, and generally causing a nuisance.


When it comes to smoking, many people already know how bad it is for the body. It should come as no surprise that it is also going to affect the way semen or the vaginal area tastes. Much like it can leave a bad flavor in your mouth, it is also going to change the way your body tastes, as it infuses your system and leaves what amounts to a residue behind.


This is more for men, as dairy can leave semen tasting bitter and even salty. However, there is an exception, natural yogurt, which is actually good for both men and women.

Garlic and Onions

The old joke about avoiding kissing when you have had garlic or onions for dinner also holds true for oral sex. These foods, which are often associated with bad breath and even making a person feel gassy, will also have a negative impact on the way you taste and that is certainly no fun. So if you want to enjoy some oral action, maybe avoid the vampire repellent.

While this is by no means an extensive list of foods to either consume or avoid when it comes to enjoying oral sex and the way your partner tastes, it certainly can help to guide you. Remember that if it tastes bitter in your mouth, it will most likely make you taste bitter sexually as well.

Image by Corie Howell via Flickr